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Name: Shouto Todoroki, 轟焦凍 Todoroki Shōto
Occupation: U.A. High School
Relationships: Endeavor/Enji Todoroki (Father), Rei Todoroki (Mother), Fuyumi Todoroki (Older Sister), Natsuo Todoroki (Older Brother), Touya Todoroki (Older Brother)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Shouto Todoroki is a supporting character of the shounen manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi.



Half-Cold Half-Hot: Shouto's Quirk gives him dual pyrokinesis and cryokinesis, divided between his left and right sides, respectively. The appendages on his right side can drastically lower temperatures of anything they touch, enough so to create large waves of ice. The limbs on his left side generate heat and allow Shoto to create and shoot streams of fire. Until taken to his bodily limit, neither has any visible effect on his body.


Shouto is the son of the Pro Hero Endeavor and ever since his quirk showed has been harshly trained by his father to be his successor and surpass All Might as the Number One Hero. His mother was forced into a marriage with Endeavor for her quirk (ice) and eventually had a mental breakdown where she caused the burn which covers Shouto's left eye. He has a number of older siblings, however he is the only one to be pushed into becoming a hero.


  • Conspiracy Theorist Shouto: During the Sports Festival arc, Shouto asked Midoriya if he was "All Might's secret love child or something". This has led to fans widely considering Shouto to be a conspiracy theorist, and has spawned fanart,[1][2] fanfic,[3] and memes.[4][5][6]
  • Parallels with Zuko: Many fans note the similarities between Todoroki and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, as both have fire powers and prominent scars around one eye caused by a family member. This is often played for laughs in fanart [7] and memes.[8]
  • Stealing Endeavor's Credit Card: Fans often joke about Todoroki using his father's credit card to buy anything from gifts for friends to All Might merchandise.


  • Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki aka Tododeku. The most popular Todoroki slash ship and ship in general. Mainly stems from Todoroki and Midoriya's interactions during the Sports Festival arc and afterward, especially the line "It's your power, isn't it?!" Fans took quick note of Midoriya's role in helping Todoroki accept himself and his quirk, as well as their subsequent friendship.[9]
  • Bakugou Katsuki/Todoroki aka TodoBaku. Initially, Bakugou saw Todoroki as a rival on his way to becoming the Number One Hero. However, the two seem to be approaching more friendly territory after the Forest Training Camp Arc and the Remedial Course Arc.[10]
  • Yaoyorozu Momo/Todoroki aka Todomomo. The most popular Todoroki het ship, and the second most popular het ship in the fandom. In addition to both being recommendation students in Class 1-A from similar backgrounds, Todoroki was the deciding vote for Momo as class representative, and the two's interactions during their battle against Aizawa Shouta in the Final Exams Arc led to many fans shipping the two [11]
  • Inasa Yoarashi/Todoroki aka InaTodo. Though a less-popular ship for Todoroki, this is the most popular ship for Inasa. The two initially met during the U.A. Recommendation Entrance Exam; Inasa held a grudge against Todoroki for his cold demeanor and its similarities to Endeavor, but they started to form a tentative friendship during the Remedial Course Arc.
  • Todoroki/Soba aka Todosoba, a crack ship that arose from Todoroki's love of cold soba.[12]

Fan Theories

Dabi is a Todoroki

A fan theory so popular that it has been almost accepted as fact is the Dabi is a Todoroki theory, which suggests that the villain Dabi, who has flame powers, is an estranged son of Enji Todoroki.[13] The theory was confirmed as canon in Chapter 290.

Example Fanworks

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