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Name: Toshinori Yagi, All Might
Occupation: Pro Hero, U.A. High School Teacher
Relationships: Class 1-A (Students), Sir Nighteye (Former Sidekick), Nana Shimura (Mentor), David Shield, Gran Torino, Naomasa Tsukauchi
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Toshinori Yagi, also known as the hero All Might, is a main character of the shounen manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi. He is the mentor of Midoriya Izuku, the protagonist of the series.


Toshinori was born Quirkless, but inherited One for All and became the #1 Hero. He studied abroad in America.

All Might suffered a gruesome injury at the hands of All For One that limited his maximum power output going forward. Even after his Quirk's power was constrained by his injuries, All Might's strength and speed were unmatched though he was only able to manifest it for a limited time period. This time limit got shorter and shorter after he passed his Quirk on to Midoriya Izuku.

All Might's hero persona appears to be derived from comic book superhero stereotypes: colorful and filled with dramatic flair. He shows a bright, borderline obnoxious, can-do attitude that is said to inspire others as well as help them feel safe and hopeful. When All Might reverts to his true form, however, he becomes less energetic in direct contrast to the grandiosity of his hero identity. He is physically far thinner, his face looks sunken, and he frequently vomits blood due to his fragile health. Two personality traits that seem to be always present on him regardless of which form All Might is currently taking are his optimism and oafishness.


One For All : Inherited from Nana Shimura, All Might's Quirk gave him access to nearly unlimited, stockpiled power. By channeling this power through his body, All Might had superhuman strength, speed, agility as well as invulnerability. All Might was so proficient with One For All that he was widely known as the world's most powerful person.

His "super moves" are all named after states and cities in the Unites States, such as Texas Smash, Detroit Smash, Oklahoma Smash, and United States of Smash.


Fanon & Headcanons

A popular idea in fanon is that Yagi, in his de-powered form, poses as the hero All Might's secretary or employee. This is based on the canon fact that Yagi keeps his de-powered civilian identity separate and secret from his hero persona. Fandom imagines that Yagi uses this job to explain why he is frequently near All Might and involved in the hero's business. In fanfiction, this often involves tropes such as identity porn, miscommunication, or such shenanigans. This fanon is often explored in pre-canon works, before All Might begins working as a teacher and when his time spent in his hero form is less limited.

Much of All Might's design takes inspiration from Western superheroes, and his fight moves take their names from places in the USA. It is known that in canon he studied abroad in the USA. Fan opinion and headcanon differs on whether he is American rather than Japanese, of American/European descent, or simply influenced by Western culture.

A popular trope is Parental!All Might or DadMight, portraying All Might as a positive father/mentor figure for Midoriya, who has an absent father in canon. This is also sometimes expanded to other students or Class 1-A as a whole.

All Might Bashing has a sizable presence. This is especially focused on his initial rejection of Midoriya Izuku's heroic dreams, sometimes expanding his reasons for rejecting Midoriya's ambitions to a broader prejudice or internalized quirkism. Another common target for bashing is his teaching ability in early canon. These portrayals are often AUs in which Midoriya remains quirkless. The trope is sometimes seen in certain villain!Deku and vigilante!Deku works.


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