Aizawa Shouta

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Name: Aizawa Shouta, Eraser Head
Occupation: U.A. High School Teacher
Relationships: Class 1-A (Students)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Aizawa Shouta, also known as the hero Eraser Head, is a supporting character of the shounen manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi.


Aizawa is Pro Hero and the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A at U.A. High School. As an underground hero, he prefers to avoid media attention and the spotlight.

Aizawa attended U.A. High School and was in the same class as Yamada Hizashi.


Erasure: Aizawa's quirk gives him the ability to nullify anyone's quirk by looking at them. While powerful, this ability has some drawbacks, such as giving him dry eye.


Capturing Weapon: As Aizawa's quirk is not an offensive one, he developed a style of fighting that utilizes a long, scarf-like capturing weapon, which he uses to subdue and ensnare opponents.


Aizawa is sometimes called "Dadzawa" by fandom to describe his mentor/parental relationship with his students. The tag "Dadzawa" is synned with Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead on AO3.

Aizawa is often depicted in fanworks as the adoptive father of Shinsou Hitoshi. This dynamic is often known as Dadzawa and Shinson, a play on the two's names. Aizawa is also often depicted as the adoptive father of Eri. When combined with Aizawa being married to Yamada Hizashi (Present Mic), this family is referred to as the "Erasermic family".

He appears often as a supporting character in fanworks, as he is the teacher of the series' main cast. Fanworks that feature him and his life outside of teaching are also fairly popular.

Aizawa has a documented love of cats, which is often featured in fluffy fanworks.

Aizawa, Yamada Hizashi, Kayama Nemuri (Midnight), and Iida Tensei (Ingenium) are often headcanoned to have attended U.A. at the same time and been friends.

Aizawa is sometimes headcanoned to have transferred from U.A.'s General Education department to the Heroics department, as his quirk has little offensive potential and he has expressed distaste for the practical portion of the entrance exam.[1][2] This headcanon also draws further parallels between Aizawa and Shinsou Hitoshi, who is his mentee in canon and often depicted as his son in fanwork.


  • Eri: Aizawa is often portrayed as having adopted Eri after the Overhaul arc; this is widely-accepted fanon and shows up as a background detail in stories about other characters. This is common whether or not Aizawa is married to Yamada.
  • Shinsou Hitoshi: Because of their close relationship in canon, and Shinsou's history of being bullied, many fics have Aizawa adopting him after discovering he has abusive parents or foster-parents.
  • Midoriya Izuku: In fics where Inko is abusive or dead, Aizawa sometimes adopts him. In many others, he becomes a strong parental figure even if there is no formal adoption.
  • Cats. Many cats. Several Erasermic fics show Aizawa with more cats than Yamada Hizashi really wants, and attempting to adopt more of them.


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