Aizawa Shouta & Eri

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Aizawa Shouta & Eri
Alternative name(s):
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Type: Guardian and child
See also: Dadzawa, Aizawa Shouta & Shinsou Hitoshi
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Aizawa Shouta & Eri are characters.


Fanon and tropes

Aizawa is often depicted in fanworks as the adoptive father of Shinsou Hitoshi. This dynamic is often known as Dadzawa and Shinson, a play on the two's names. Aizawa is also often depicted as the adoptive father of Eri. When combined with Aizawa being married to Yamada Hizashi (Present Mic), this family is referred to as the "EraserMic family".

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