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Character Group
Name: Class 1-A
Type: high school class
Fandom: BNHA
Members: see below
fanart of all 20 students of Class 1-A for the fanfic series "see it all in bloom"
Fanart of Class 1-A by jam-to-jam, 2018
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Class 1-A is a term from the Boku no Hero Academia fandom that refers to the classmates of protagonist Midoriya Izuku. While the naming scheme of denoting a classroom of students with by letter and year-number is quite common in anime (and thus there are theoretically many Class 1-A's in various school-based stories), the prominence of the class in BNHA's story and framing (and the large size of the BNHA fandom) has resulted in "Class 1-A" pretty much universally understood to refer to the group of BNHA characters in places like AO3 and Tumblr.


Homeroom teacher: Aizawa Shouta


Although he is not canonically in the class, Shinsou Hitoshi is frequently included in the class in fanworks, either shown transferring in sometime after the first-year sports festival or AUs where he was always in the hero course.


The Class 1-A (My Hero Academia) character tag on AO3 has over 34 thousand works.[1]

Some other students occasionally head-canoned as members of Class 1-A included Shiozaki Ibara and Monoma Neito (both canonically in Class 1-B), though neither of these are nearly as popular as Shinsou-in-1-A headcanons and AUs. There is also a trend of coming up with OC students to be members of 1-A.

Common Tropes

  • Class 1-A as family
  • Chatfic
  • Villain or Vigilante AUs
  • Fantasy AU

Example Fanworks

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Bakugou sleeping in the common areas like it’s no big deal seems to give everyone else permission to be just as bizarre, and little by little Kirishima starts learning things about his classmates he never knew.
When Kaminari points out that Iida is basically 1-A’s dad, it leads to the rest of the class trying to figure out where everyone falls in the family dynamics. And because it’s Class 1-A, chaos ensues.



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