Uraraka Ochako

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Name: Ochaco Uraraka (麗日 お茶子, Uraraka Ochako)
Occupation: U.A. High School
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
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Ochaco Uraraka (麗日 お茶子, Uraraka Ochako), also known as Uravity, is a main character of the shounen manga and anime series Boku no Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi.


Uraraka is saved by Midoriya Izuku during the UA Entrance Exam. The two become fast friends.

Her parents are Uraraka's main drive to becoming a professional hero, since she desires above all else to give them a comfortable life.


Zero Gravity: Uraraka's Quirk gives her the power to manipulate gravity upon touching solid things with her pads. The targets lose their gravitational pulls, effectively making the object weightless or float. She is able to activate or cancel her Quirk's effects by closing her fingers together, being careful with her hands to not accidentally activate her Quirk on targets that she doesn't want to. Her Quirk is good at restraining, as those affected are unlikely to fight back since they will keep rising up and away from the ground until they are brought down. Her Quirk main's drawback are that if it is used too much (around three tons) or if the user floats, she will struggle to keep them under control, to the point of suffering from severe nausea.


The most popular het ships of BNHA often include Uraraka. Uraraka and Midoriya Izuku is a ship close to canon given Uraraka's crush on Izuku. Bakugou Katsuki and Uraraka is also popular after their fight during the sports festival. The femslash ship of Tsuyu Asui and Uraraka is also popular.


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