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Title: see it all in bloom
history verse
Author(s): aloneintherain
Date(s): Published: 23 September 2017
Updated: 31 October 2018
Length: 57,183 words (7 works)
Genre: AU, Future Fic, class-as-family, character study
Fandom: My Hero Academia
External Links: AO3, Archive
fanart of all 20 students of Class 1-A for the fanfic series "see it all in bloom"
Fanart for the historyverse by jam-to-jam, 2018

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see it all in bloom is a series of futurefic stories in the My Hero Academia fandom by aloneintherain. It explores on the lives and friendships of Class 1-A as adult heroes, and its ideas for post-canon events (particularly the "July Attacks" that launch the classmates to national prominence as heroes) have been referenced in many other fanworks.[1]

The fic series, headcanons associated with it, and other fics inspired by it are sometimes referred to as the "history verse" (also spelled "historyverse") by aloneintherain and other fans and writers.

The fic series does not make close reference to many events covered in canon, but given when it was written it should probably be considered a canon divergence after the Kamino Ward or Provisional Hero License Exam arcs.

Not to be confused with See it all in bloom by The_Plot_Thickens, an unrelated MHA fic.


Main fics:

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Notable headcanons

  • Even as a Pro Hero, Midoriya continues to be a hero fan and is excited to meet (and get autographs from and discuss their quirks) other heroes, no matter how new or unknown
  • The July Attacks bringing Class 1-A (often known by Class 3-A) to national fame in their last year of high school
  • Bakugou becomes an anti-bullying advocate and, eventually, a teacher at UA. Aizawa succeeds Nedzu as principal
  • Midoriya and Todoroki live together, adopt a dog, name it Barkugou

Fan Responses and Reviews

The fic is widely read and beloved. Many of the stories have over 100k hits, and the series has over 4,000 bookmarks, as of October 2022.[2] However, some fans find the fic underwhelming.[3]

I AM SCREAMING RIGHT HERE. Thank you so so so much for recommending these fics to me they are literally the best thing I’ve ever read.

I’m still in the middle of reading the second one, but I have to tell you.

I fucking DIED at the fact that Izuku and Todoroki’s dog is named Barkugou. This work is a fucking masterpiece.

skygemspeaksresponding to recs for starry eyed and history has its eyes on you[4]

Bakugou is an interesting character, not my favorite, mostly because he’s a piece of shit still. And yeah he’s growing, but auuugh, i need some catharsis soon. This fic does some of that.

thelastreclistrecommending will I ever be more than I've always been?[5]

Reviews and reactions to the series:

I always Kinda forget just how good this series is and then I return and I get blown away every time. The stories are rich. Amazing writing and sense of passing. The author has done an amazing job at delving into the characters, building an astonishing insight into the mentality of these people. It’s indescribably well done. A must read if your in the fandom.

Lazcat [6]

The indulgent-as-fuck future fic you've always wanted, executed to a T. Highlights include:

-Deku being enthusiastically nerded over even as he continues to be the biggest hero fanboy in Japan
-hilarity ensuing
-everyone working hard and doing their best and being successful and pretty damn happy and growing as people even as they still deal with the struggles of life--grounding the fluff in a way that only make it feel more realistic, and therefore more enjoyable, because this feels like a life that the characters could legitimately have and it's not a perfect life but it's a good one and that's all that matters
-bakugou's characterization makes me want to scream, and so does shinshou's

-and absolutely stellar internet bits from the media fic, which deliver worldbuilding, jokes, plot, variety in story-telling (I love me my epistolaries, whatcanyado), and most importantly, this: [quote from the fic about Izuku reading fanfiction about himself]

pennylogue [7]

This series is exactly how I think that My Hero Academia should turn out. With Izuku being the number one hero but still being a dork, Bakugo owning up to his mistakes, Everyone loving All Might, Aizawa becoming a principal, Shinso becoming well known and being proud of it even if he's not supposed to. Man, this is amazing

Sly_Helador [8]

I started reading this because I saw a bookmark for the 5th in the series and it most definitely did not disappoint. None of the pairings are my go to but everything is just so good and cohesive it honestly doesn't matter.

TheMidnighTower [9]

Sometimes I'm feeling down and this series makes me laugh again

ImpassiveMoon [10]

#hello 911 what's ur emergency??,#did you ever smiled with so much contentment and joy over a fic,#im sorry mam what exactly is the emergency,#i feel full,#do you have a stomachache mam,#the flow of the writing intercut with social media post worked so well,#is there an emergency maam,#i got hit in the feels my good dude that's the emergency

elephanthi [11]

an epic and sprawling universe set 10 years in the future

really rich class interactions, deku is a huge hero fanboy, bakugou grows up, all might tries to retire gracefully, barkugou exists, and the shinsou piece is just *chef's kiss*

i love how the public's perspective is incorporated throughout

silverkiwis [12]

The social media narrative fic that I absolutely adored ever since I first read it years ago.

This series revolves around the lives of Class A as Pro Heroes, and how they, the public, and the world has seen them grow and develop into the adults they are.

It's incredibly notable how Midoriya, Bakugo, Shinso, and All Might each take a shine to their stories being told, as well as the steady presence of their friends and family around them. Midoriya's rise to prominence, Bakugo's advocacies, Shinso's surprisingly "famous" career, and Toshinori's retirement paint a picture of realism and dimension that gives depth to their character, making them almost tangible and real as if they really were actual people I'm reading about.

The use of social media as a medium for the narrative is simply inspired - and a style I still struggle to write with too! - and entertaining, endearing, and heartwarming. Being a fandom kind of guy myself, it's like reading myself in a fandom-based story, which I absolutely loved and appreciated.

This one deserves a reread every now and then - I've lost track how many times I found myself returning to certain pieces for that rush of feel-good vibes this series gives.

ArchWriter [13]


I didn't deserve such a great fic!!!!!!
Barkugou! XD
All parts are soooo amazing
All might and the book are so emotional parts for me to read
the fic is a life savour
french kiss chef's kiss


ChaoticElectron [14]

All of this is perfect, the characterization is perfect, and the struggles are real and relatable without dragging you down into an Empathetic Spiral of Doom. Feels good, feels real. 1000/10 will read again. And again.

MusingsOfAMuse [15]





Recursive Fanfiction

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