Hero Class Civil Warfare

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Title: Hero Class Civil Warfare
Author(s): RogueDruid (Icarius51)
Date(s): April 26 2018 - November 11 2018
Length: 85,769 words (33 chapters)
Genre: Gen , Multi
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
External Links: Archive of Our Own TV Tropes
Art by meilienne (2018)

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Hero Class Civil Warfare is a Boku no Hero Academia fanfiction by RogueDruid (Icarius51). The fic follows a training exercise of the first year Hero Class Students are divided into two groups - Heroes and Villains with Midoriya Izuku as the leader of the Villains, The Kingpin and Bakugou Katsuki as the leader of the Heroes, The Paragon.

The fic is tagged with platonic relationships for Midoriya Izuku with Yaoyorozu Momo, Shinsou Hitoshi, Hatsume Mei, and Monoma Neito.

On Archive of Our Own, Hero Class Civil Warfare is the third most popular BNHA fanwork and the second most popular BNHA English BNHA fanwork by all metrics – kudos, hit counts, comments, and bookmarks; as of 2020, it has over 581k hits, 29k kudos, 5k comments, and 7k bookmarks.[1]


Heroes lead by Bakugo.

Villains lead by Midoriya. Seven days prep time. Three days for Izuku Midoriya to show why they should be glad he's not a real villain.

(Updated with final edits, 5/2/19)

Fan Reactions

By ThunderStag on Chapter 33

Magnificently well done. You handled the ever-thorny question of Villain!Deku’s motivations in contrast to the very personality traits that make him such a good hero (his empathy, his kindness, the mistreatment he suffered going up against his desire to make sure nobody ever faces the same) with incredible grace in this. I think your grammar needs a little work - though not much, as it improved throughout this fic alone - and your pacing could use a little attention (the abrupt switches between past and present were good, but kind of harsh), but this is one of my top three favorite BNHA fanfics overall, and I’ve re-read it a few times since I found it. Now that it’s complete, I’ll have to do so again. I hope to see more of this universe from you in the future, and if not, I’m looking forward to what you write for BNHA in general. Well done.

By epicderpybro2 on Chapter 33

It was a fun ride, thanks for all the great cackling that I did in the background while everything went to crap! I will continue to keep a lookout for what you do in the future!


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