Sero Hanta

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Name: Sero Hanta
Occupation: Superhero, student
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Other: Birthday: July 28; Blood type: B
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Sero Hanta is a background member of Class 1A, loved by some but overall not regarded much past his plain appearance and lack of character development or depth.

He is known for being one of Bakugou's friends, and for his spectacular loss against Todoroki in the Sports Festival. He was frozen quickly and his life would have been in danger had Todoroki not used his fire powers to melt the ice.


Sero's quirk, Tape, allows him to produce a strong adhesive tape from his rather bulky elbows.

Hero Information

Sero's hero name is Cellophane, and his costume is black, white, and orange. He got his provisional Hero license with most of the rest of Class 1A.

Don't Worry About It

After Sero's Sports Festival loss, some attendees in the crowd started the chant "Don't Worry About It!"

Next class during a discussion over Sports Festival recognition Sero laments about having elementary-school kids go up to him and telling him "Don't worry about it", to which Asui responds "Don't worry about it", much to class A's amusement.



Sero is a minor character without much screen time and all ships with him are considered rarepairs. He is most commonly shipped with Ashido Mina, usually as a background relationship. Sometimes he is part of a Bakusquad trio or foursome.

Examples and Fanworks