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Name: Zuko
Occupation: Firebender, Fire Lord (formerly), Firebending teacher (formerly), Tea shop assistant (formerly)
Relationships: Azula (sister), Ozai (father), Iroh (uncle), Ursa (mother), Azulon (grandfather), Sozin (great-grandfather), Lu Ten (cousin)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Zuko is a supporting character of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is originally an antagonist and later joins the Gaang. He is voiced by Dante Basco.


Zuko starts the series as the banished prince of the Fire Nation whose only purpose is to capture the Avatar. He spends the entirety of the first season chasing after a bald 12 years old boy and company. Season 2 sees a slight shift of Zuko's allegiance with him becoming a refugee in the Earth Kingdom. He officially becomes part of Team Avatar in the second half of the final season, when he teaches Aang firebending.


Zuko cosplay at Yukicon 2017

Zuko is a fan favorite, and most fanworks in the Avatar fandom involve him in some way or another. He is renown for his character development and his character arc, which is often used as an example of a good redemption arc. This arc involves him overcoming his abuse from his father and an imperialist mindset and joining the side of the protagonists.

Many Zuko fans cite him as one of their first fictional crushes.

Dante Basco, Zuko's voice actor, has cosplayed Zuko at conventions.

Tropes & Fanon

  • Honor: Zuko's obsession with honor, especially at the start of the show, is something of a meme in Avatar fandom.
  • Abuse: Overcoming abuse from his father and sister.
  • Blind!Zuko: Exploring the possibility that Zuko was blinded in one eye when he was scarred was mildly popular in fanfiction.
  • Redemption: Zuko's character growth and redemption are popular to explore in fanworks, especially with AUs which put him in different situations than canon and explore whether he would have changed allegiance or beliefs were the circumstances different.
  • Adoption: exploring other possibilities of who might take Zuko under their wing beside Uncle Iroh. This includes a large variety of characters from canon (e.g. Hakoda, Jun, the Yuyan Archers)[1] and crossover mentor figures from other fandoms (e.g. Batman). [2]



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  • Little Zuko v the World by Muffinlance: An ongoing fic that follows the adventures of 12 year old Zuko.
  • The Problem With Zuko by AvocadoLove: Gen. "Lu Ten never died at Ba Sing Se, and Fire Lord Iroh rules the nation with an iron fist. Zuko is merely the son of the second prince, overlooked by his more talented younger sister and can only dream of the day when he will be finally allowed to prove himself in battle. When Lu Ten returns, triumphant, with the Avatar and his Water Tribe companions in chains, Zuko is put in charge of their imprisonment. But he soon learns that things are not what they seem with both the child Avatar and within his own family."
  • the beginning of a new and brighter birth by aloneintherain: Gen, Zuko & Gaang. Post-canon.
  • Embers (FFN link) by Vathara, an epic length canon divergence and AU fanfiction that is extremely popular and extremely divisive within the fandom. As of September 2019, it is the most favorited AtLA fanfiction on FFN.
  • a nation, held by snowdarkred: Gen. Explores the Fire Nation's reaction to Zuko's burning and subsequent banishment. Delves into Fire Nation values, beliefs, and how they feel about the royal family as a whole and Zuko in particular.
  • For Hearth and Home ([AO3) by Haicrescendo: Gen. "There's a child underneath Fire Lord Zuko's desk." Examines Zuko's relationship to his new role as Fire Lord plus the staff reactions to him.



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