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Name: Katara
Occupation: Companion to the Avatar
Relationships: Sokka (brother), Gran Gran (grandmother), Hakoda (father), Aang (friend, student, later husband), Zuko (enemy, later friend), Suki (friend), Toph (friend)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Digital painting of Katara, wearing her Southern Water Tribe parka and smiling at the viewer.
[1] by lycorislilit
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Katara is one of the primary characters of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Katara grew up the only waterbender remaining the Southern Water Tribe. Her mother was killed in a Fire Nation raid when she was 8, and her father left with all the men of the village to fight the fire nation when she was 12, so Katara and her brother Sokka were mostly raised by their paternal grandmother, Kanna. Two years later, the siblings discover Aang, the Avatar and the last surviving airbender, frozen in ice near their home. They decide to accompany him on his quest to master the four elements, defeat the Fire Nation, and restore balance to the world. Katara agrees to teach him what she knows of waterbending and seek a waterbending teacher along with him to become a master waterbender herself.

Katara is independent, strong-willed,and caring, and frequently finds herself filling a mother-like role for the group. She is also quick to stand against injustice, and as she finds bending teachers and improves her skills across the series she grows to be a truly formidable opponent.

Katara also appears as an old woman in the sequel series The Legend of Korra. Years after the death of her husband and many of her friends from the original series, she has retired to the South Pole where she teaches Korra waterbending.


While Katara is an overall well-liked character, she has been a victim of character bashing, with some calling her a Mary Sue or boring.


Katara was the common character in the two relationships involved in the Kataang vs Zutara ship war.

There are a number of less popular pairings for katara as well, including:

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Response to Legend Of Korra

Some fans were unconvinced by the portrayal that Katara would seclude herself and not get involved in fighting once Aang died, as they viewed her as a more proactive character.



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