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Name: Suki (蘇琪; Sū Qí)
Occupation: Kyoshi Warrior
Relationships: Kyoshi Warriors (comrades); Sokka (boyfriend); Aang (friend); Katara (friend); Appa (friend); Zuko (enemy turned friend, bodyguarding charge); Toph (friend); Ty Lee (enemy turned friend); Azula (enemy)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
A realistic portrait of Suki in her Kyoshi Warrior garb and makeup. On the right side of her face, the makeup has been wiped away as if cleaned through a painting restoration, revealing her bare skin underneath.
Suki by 6y9brows
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Suki is a supporting character in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She appears in related media, including the canon comics, and is the central character of the graphic novel Suki, Alone.


Suki is the leader of the all-female Kyoshi Warriors, a group established by the Avatar incarnation of the same name. She is an exceptionally skilled fighter, first meeting Team Avatar when they visited her home of Kyoshi Island, where she captured them as intruders. She also humiliated Sokka, causing him to change his chauvinistic ways, eventually striking up a friendship as she taught him combat skills. She briefly reunited with Team Avatar in Book Two, and she and Sokka entered a romantic relationship. Later in Book Two, she and the Kyoshi Warriors encountered and fought Azula, after which they were defeated and imprisoned. She was liberated by Sokka and Zuko in Book Three, and remained with the protagonists thereafter. In the series finale, Suki joined Toph and Sokka to disable the Fire Nation's air force.[1]


Reception and Popularity

Suki is well-liked by fans, who appreciate her competence, bravery, and good-natured personality. According to the creators, Suki was originally meant to be a one-off character who would only appear in "The Warriors of Kyoshi", but was popular enough among both the fans and staff that she reappeared in Book Two, and officially joined Team Avatar in Book Three.[2]

Fanon and Speculation

To date as of January 2021, Suki is the tenth most frequently listed character in the character filters among ATLA works published to FanFiction.Net (FFN), and the eighth most-tagged character among all ATLA works published on Archive of Our Own (AO3).[3]

Because Suki is not mentioned in The Legend of Korra, some believe that she may have died young, before she could make a lasting impression on her friend's descendants.[4] Circa June 2020, the theory became so widespread that some believe Bryke have confirmed it as canon.[5][6][7][8][9] The rumor may have originated from, or at least circulated within, TikTok.[10]


Fandom-wise, Suki's most popular love interest is her canon boyfriend, Sokka. Fans refer to Sokka/Suki as Sukka or, humorously, George.

In a sample of 104 Avatar: The Last Airbender stories published or updated on FanFiction.Net between 13 October 2013 and 16 February 2018, Suki was most often listed in the site's pairing filter with Sokka (65%), followed by Zuko (27%), Ty Lee (3%), Azula (2%), Toph (1%), Yue (1%), and Aang (1%).[11]

Fan Works

Fan Fiction

The Grace That It Takes AO3 archive by TobuIshiDate: 17 Jan 2012Length: 3 360 wordsStatus: CompleteGenre: Post-canon, slice-of-life, romance
Sokka and Suki return to Kyoshi Island after the events of the show.

Fan Art




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