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Name: Ty Lee
Occupation: circus performer, retainer to Azula
Relationships: Azula (friend and subordinate), Mai friend and coworker
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Ty Lee is a minor character from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Ty Lee is a noble of the Fire Nation and childhood friend of Azula, Mai, and Zuko. One of seven sisters, she eventually ran off to join a circus in the Fire Nation Colonies to establish her own life and identity. However, when Azula was tasked with tracking down her fugitive brother and uncle, she coerces Ty Lee into joining her team.

Ty Lee has a bubbly personality and is fond of the color pink. She is an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter and knows the chi-blocking technique, which can disable fighters and prevent benders from using their bending. When Mai betrays Azula at the Boiling Rock, Ty Lee sides with her, and both of them are imprisoned by Azula for their betrayal.

At the end of the series, and in the followup comics, Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors.


It's a popular headcanon to associate Ty Lee with airbending. Canon-compliant fanworks might headcanon her as having Air Nomad ancestry, or her chi-blocking as being derived from airbending techniques. AUs will make her an airbender.


  • Azula/Ty Lee - Tyzula: The most popular pairing
  • Mai/Ty Lee – Mailee, surged in popularity during the 2020 ATLA Renaissance
  • Azula & Mai & Tai Lee - gen stories focusing on the relationship between the three girls are also popular. Fans sometimes refer to the trio as "the Dangerous Ladies" or "Ozai's Angles".


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