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Name: Mai
Occupation: retainer of Azula
Relationships: Zuko (love interest), Azula (friend and superior), Ty Lee (friend and coworker), Tom-Tom (little brother), parents
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Mai is a supporting character the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She was voiced by Cricket Leigh.


Mai is nobility in the Fire Nation, daughter of the governor of Omashu and friend of Princess Azula. Her father becomes governor of Omashu/New Ozai when the Fire Nation captures the city in Book 2. Soon after, Azula calls upon Mai to join her in hunting down the Avatar and her fugitive brother and uncle. Ty Lee, another friend of Azula and Mai, also joins the party.

Mai is a skilled fighter, proficient in throwing knives. She is shown to have a gloomy personality and outlook on life, but there are things she cares about. In Book 3, she establishes a romantic relationship with Zuko, and ends up choosing loyalty to Zuko over Azula in a climactic scene at the Boiling Rock.[1]


Of the major characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mai is possibly one of the most divisive among fans, with solid followings of admirers and haters. While some fans don't like Mai's negative outlook or boring presentation, others appreciate her deadpan sense of humor and pessimism. There is a decent amount of fic, fanart, and cosplays featuring her.

Fanon and portrayal in fan works

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Many fans believe that Mai likely became Zuko's consort and the mother of his daughter, Izumi.


Most of the controversy surrounding Mai stems from her canon relationship with Zuko. Some fans view their relationship as negative and even toxic, while others view it as positive and constructive. Additionally, many Zutara shippers oppose the rival ship Maiko, which thus tends to ally with KatAang in the Zutara vs. KatAang ship war.



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