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Pairing: Sokka x Suki
Alternative name(s): Sukka
Gender category: F/M
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Moderately popular
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Sokka/Suki is a het pairing in the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


In Book 1, Sokka met Suki when the Gaang stopped at Kyoshi Island near the beginning of their journey to the North Pole. Sokka was initially dismissive of the Kyoshi Warriors for being an all-girl fighting force, but was humbled by their skills and begged to be taught by Suki.

In Book 2, the Gaang met Suki again at the Serpents Pass, where Suki was leading the Kyoshi warriors in providing security to refugees fleeing to Ba Sing Se. Suki accompanied the avatar's traveling party to protect them from dangers, and Sokka and Suki had a somewhat romantic reunion.

In Book 3, Sokka found Suki at the Boiling Rock when he and Zuko infiltrated the prison looking for Hakoda. All of them escaped together, reuniting with the Gaang at the Western Air Temple. By this time Sokka and Suki were a couple.

In the post-canon comics, Suki and Sokka are shown to be dating.


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The ship is moderately popular within the fandom. The trio Sokka/Suki/Zuko has become more popular along with the surge of popularity of Sokka/Zuko during the 2020 ATLA Renaissance. A large number of fans headcanon Sokka and Suki as bisexual in fanworks.


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