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Title: Salvage
Author(s): MuffinLance
Date(s): Published: 3 March 2019
Updated: 28 December 2019
Length: 110 181 words (39 chapters)
Genre: AU, Adventure, Humor
Fandom: ATLA
External Links: AO3, Archive

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Little Zuko v the World is a Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction by MuffinLance. It was her first work in the ATLA fandom, first published on FFN but now only updated on AO3.


Zuko finds Aang a month into his banishment. They’re both 12. Expect not-a-kid-person!Zhao, gratuitous saving from pirates (dangit Katara give little Zuko back his shirts), and some solid Appa/Zuko bromance. It is the hole in your life you didn’t know needed filling.

Development, Narrative Choices and Inspiration

  • Along with Cheating at Pai Sho, this is the fic where Muffinlance developed backstories and personalities for her OCs that make up Zukos crew, such as Crewman Teruko (name also inspired by an OC from Embers, but the characterization and backstory are original to Muffinlance ), Engineer Hanako, Pikeman Kazuto, and others.
  • Although the story has had a lot of humour so far, muffinlance hints that the later direction/original outline of it is darker:
What should worry you is that Little Zuko is not my happy-place fic.

Have fun with that thought. <3

tumblr ask, Mar 2020[1]

  • Muffinlance has shared a fair amount of detail about her writing and planning process for this and other fics. For Little Zuko, she has a more or less complete (though disorganized) outline of the full story. However, it is subject to change -- for example Zuko joining the gaang earlier than expected [2], and the Yu-yan archers taking a more prominent role due to positive reader reactions at their initial appearance [3]
  • Muffinlance has shared her original outline for Book 1 of Little Zuko v the World[2]

Later Books

Muffinlance was planning to write three books of Little Zuko (mirroring the three seasons of the show, which are also called "Books".) However she set the project aside for several years to focus on other writing projects.[citation needed]. In April 2023 she proposed to her Tumblr followers the option of presenting Books 2 and 3 as outlines. She held a poll and the outline option won by a large margin.[4]. From April through June 2023, muffinlance worked on the outline and posted updates. Book 2 was uploaded to AO3 from April through June.[5]

=Fan Responses and Reviews

A lot of the reviews I've seen have been praising the adorableness of the story and characters, which is a definite plus BUT I don't think thats this story's main strength I believe it's the characters and their inner monologues and the constant POV changes which make this story bingeable In a day.

cheems . chapter 36 . May 17, 2022 [6]

Once again, I absolutely love your story, and you deserve to have me mention all the hundreds of sweet, heartwarming, hysterically funny, just plain perfect, moments in it, with multiple reviews per chapter. (every time you give us a piece from someone else’s perspective it’s perfect for that moment. among my favorites are Momo and YuYan archers.)

But alas, only one review per chapter is allowed, and I kind of read this straight through immersion style, so I’m just reviewing it at the end.

I’m-absolutely-truly-just-writing-this-to say-how-much-I-really-really-really-love-this-fic-and-am-totally-not-begging-you-to-please-finish-this-story-and-write-book-two-but-if-you-don’t-mind-I-do-kinda-wanna-know-what-happens-next...

Much love, and wishing you plenty of time to write in the future:

—Lightbrightfury, Fake Alias of A Real Peson on the Internet, Scorner of Sleep, Drinker of Tea, Reader of FanFiction, Lover of Dragons, Eater of Pringles, Master of Chickens, Chaser of Wayward Animals, She-Who-is-Affflicted-and-Whose-Life-Would-be-Enriched-By-reading-the-Rest-of-the-Story.

Lightbrightfury . chapter 36 . Jul 26, 2021 [7]



dude, I have read the whole thing through and I must tell you that this is one of THE best fan fictions I have read in years. your use of sarcasm to get across things in a humorous manner, the way Zuko unintentionally says double sided thing while being honest, and his grumpy but adorable behavior is so endearing I can't even. him being unintentionally annoying only for it to be discovered as endearing later like when he stowed away as a mailboy was too cute. the way others picked up on it being him and decided to work with him, the pure Chaos that sokka plus zuko create, all in all is amazing, I really love it all. thank you for taking the time to write this be it for your own enjoyment, or ours but your efforts are greatly appreciated. I loved how they had a pow wow while in the north and all plotted together to get women more rights in the northern water tribe. I can only imagine the Chaos that will be strewn about with little Zuko and the Gaang

best of luck and well wishes!

FliscentFiretail chapter 1 . Dec 22, 2020 [8]

I can't describe how much I love this!

I guess it's hard to put into words, because literally everything is greatthe writing, the humour, the characters, dialogue, interactions. Even though I would usually be against OCs in general, every single character herefrom the crew of the Wani to the Yuyan Archers (Fire nation are people too!) are all so lovable and interesting.

I tried to check your ao3 to see if you started on book 2 already, but I guess for now you're concentrating more on Salvage (another story I adore. Seriously, just the way you write is absolutely fantastic), there still hasn't been much updates. I'll continue following this ff though, just in case ;D

Kaobara chapter 36 . Dec 19, 2020 [8]

Ok, ok, This is seriously great. Absolutely fantastic, 10/10 I love it. At first I was a bit apprehensive about it, cause I thought it was just going to be an Avatar season 1 Gaang Zuko story but then you took that notion, slapped me in my face with it and laughed at me while I groveled at your feet asking for forgiveness. I'm just amazed by all of this, just, amazing dude.

Can I just say that I love that even though this is mainly a crack and humor fic that you don't undervalue the emotional bits? I was super realieved by seeing it and can I just say that your bunch of OCs from Zuko's crew are officially me favourite OCs ever? They're just so damn good? Like wow, I did not expect myself to shout at my computer at the notion of any one of them dying or being seriously hurt and then looking at you judgementally through my computer screen when you made them undergo the pain of losing the angry turtle duck that is Prince Zuko of the fire nation.

Also, props for your interpretation of Azula, most authors trying to write her more 'humanely' I guess fall flat because they don't realize that azula is terrifying, and most just don't manage to get that through while still showing off that she's a genuine human being that has been horrible abused emotionally. Talking abotu Azula, can you maybe (pleasepleasepleaseplease) have Iroh being a good uncle to her? I haven't seen any ATLA fic try to do that even though an Iroh is probably the thing Azula needs. Or just any good support system really appart from her brother who has too many issues of his own.

Also, Sokka-Zuko friendship for the win. I swear that I would NOT complain if you made a single series with the both of them having life changing trip after life changing trip together. They're perhaps my favourite thing of this fic aside from the adorableness ball of indignation and rage that is 12 year old Zuko. I can't wait what you do with the whole Gaang dynamic after all of that thing with Zuko and Aang (I really just want them to get along and let them be kids), and also. Please. Toph has already crushed too many earthbenders due to the feeling of not being in the gaang, I NEED TO SEE TOPH AND ZUKO TOGETHER. Anyways, I've noticed that you haven't updated in along time, have you abandoned the story? or are you just undergoing a long hiatus? I'd like to know just so I cna, you know, mourn for the loss of an espectacular fic. But if it's because you can't then don't feel pressured. Anyways, awesome story and keep up the good work!


PandakaiLove chapter 36 . Sep 16, 2020 [9]

Thank you. Genuinely thank you for writing this story. I would just like to express how much joy this story, and all your stories, have given me. I’ve had this app for a few years and I’ve read countless stories and I’ve only reviewed around 3 or 4? So I definitely don’t say this to everybody, but I mean it when I say you’ve created, and continue to create, something that has become sooo special to me. So seriously, thanks, and PLEASE keep writing! I love you ! 3

Peepeebruh chapter 36 . Jul 30, 2020 [9]

I love the way you’re just including the thought process going on from the adult perspective that is flying right over Zuko’s head. I appreciate Uncle’s Politics-bending here, the thinly veiled, almost transparent, threats Iroh casually levels against people in this chapter which proceed to fly one after the other over the head of Prince Zuko... simply hysterical.

Zuko latching onto the ponytail being stupid... so cute and funny. The Zuko rants in this are gold! I don’t know how you developed this mindset of being able to look at horrible situations and find the humour in them, poking fun at things and having a ball even when dealing with some really awful topics. But I highly appreciate it. If you have any tips to share, please do! I would love to develop that mindset too. Humour and positivity is the way to go!

Thank you for sharing!

Jane chapter 6 . Mar 12, 2020 [10]

fishebake chapter 36 . Feb 20, 2020

I'm not good with reviews but I want to say how much I love this story. It's easily one of the best AtLA stories I've ever read, and it made me giggle multiple times. I love how vibrant even your OCs are, even to the point of me forgetting they aren't canon characters. If you ever need/want a beta reader/editorish person, I'm at your service.

I wish I could leave a long detailed review about how much I love this, but I've already stayed up till 4:30am reading this instead of getting my sleep schedule fixed. Have all my favs and follows instead.




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