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Name: PitViperOfDoom
Alias(es): Pit
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: BnHA, One Piece, Big Hero 6, Mystery Skulls Animated
Communities: Tododeku Week
URL: Ao3, tumblr
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PitViperofDoom is the author of the consistently most popular fic in the Boku no Hero Academia fandom on AO3, Yesterday Upon the Stair, as well as other popular fics for the BnHA fandom. They are a notable Tododeku shipper, although the relationship is platonic in YUTS.

They have also written for One Piece, Big Hero 6, Mystery Skulls Animated, RWBY, Miraculous Ladybug, Rise of the Guardians, Steven Universe, Undertale, and Person of Interest.

Notable Fanworks