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Name: The Magnus Archives
Abbreviation(s): TMA, MAG, MagnusPod
Creator: Rusty Quill Ltd.
Date(s): March 23, 2016 - present
Medium: podcast
Country of Origin: England
External Links: Official Site
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The Magnus Archives is an audio drama horror podcast centered on Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of the Magnus Archives, recording the testimonials of people's encounters with the potentially supernaturally strange after the previous Archivist, Gertrude Robinson, disappeared.




TMA has a fairly significant Tumblr fandom for an audio drama. In 2019, TMA was the 9th most popular "Web Series" according to Tumblr Fandometrics' Year in Review 2019. The shows popularity spiked as the fourth season came to a close, around November of 2019.

Much of the fan activity involves fan theories and discussion, as well as fan art, as is common for podcasts.

The podcast creators, particularly Alexander J Newall (director and voice of Martin), are active on Twitter and their patreon Discord, interacting with fans.[1]

The Mechs

Podcast creator, writer, and voice of the lead, Jonathan Sims, was previously the lead vocalist in a London-based band, The Mechanisms, whose dark tones and mythic story-telling appeal as well to the audience of the Magnus Archives, or vice versa. A popular headcanon says that the Mechs was protagonist Jon Sims' college band.

The Admiral

The Admiral, the cat of Jon's ex-girlfriend Georgie, is another popular figure in fandom, despite having not appeared in two seasons. Many people realized that Jon's season 3 ability with interpreting languages might extend to animals, and create fanworks of Jon communicating with the admiral.[2]

The Scottish Safehouse

After considering the possibility of Jon and Martin living a future of safety in a remote Scottish village in Daisy's safehouse where they ended season 4 together, fandom lit in the Teacher!Jon AU. At first this was about the normalcy and happiness for Jon, but fandom became amused by the idea of Jon having to explain his oddness to his pupils.[3]



The most popular pairing is Jonathan Sims/Martin Blackwood (Jonmartin), followed by Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims. Also notable are Daisy Tonner/Basira Hussain (Daisira), Elias Bouchard/Peter Lukas (Lonely Eyes), and Georgie Barker/Melanie King (What the Girlfriends). There is also interest in exploring relationships with various more supernatural characters, which often involve Xeno.

At the end of season 4, jonmartin became canon.

Example Fanworks

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Fan Art




  • VISITOR'S PASS - "A fanzine dedicated to the inner workings of The Magnus Institute."

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