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Synonyms: crack pairing
See also: rarepair, unconventional ship, crossover pairing, crack
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A crack ship is a ship that is highly ridiculous, bizarre, disturbing, and/or unlikely to ever become canon. The characters don't have any chemistry, never interact, are in different canons or timelines, are different species, one is an inanimate object, etc. Fans can and do sincerely ship a crack ship, but generally they don't take its chances too seriously and may like it precisely for its implausibility. On the other hand, one fan's crack ship can be another's OTP. Often a fan will create a one-off fanwork for a crack ship as a joke.

Crack ships can appear in crackfic, but angsty or otherwise serious fanfic can also be devoted to crack ships.


Fan comments

The only positive to either of these shows not ending in a gay romance, is that Naruto and Sherlock show a friendship can have a stronger bond than a romance or even a marriage. [11]
Are you straight
hang on i wanna hear about the bond between sherlock and naruto
"you can't ship that, it'll never be canon!" look, when I was your age, we shipped characters who never even met in canon. uphill. both ways. in the snow.[12]
#shipping is just a more sophisticated way of playing dolls and smashing their doll faces together#we’re all clowns and you’re no less a clown just bc your dolls are canon [tags from apfelhalm]
My people used to make music videos shipping people from completely different shows with no chance of a crossover. Don't fucking talk to me about noncanon ships. You know nothing of noncanon ships.
you know fandom’s been infested by normies when someone’s “what’s the craziest, wackiest, most insane crack ship you’ve ever heard of??” post’s answers are full of characters from the same show/series who have some sort of canon relationship with each other and/or semi-constant interactions[13]
sterek!” “zutara!” “wincest!” fuck surviving the winter, you wouldn’t survive the mildest of summers



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