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Name: Tommy Joe Ratliff
Also Known As: Tommy, Tommy Joe, TJR
Occupation: Musician, Bassist, Guitarist
Medium: Live Performance
Works: Bassist in Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour 2010; Lead guitarist in Adam Lambert's Trespassing promo tour 2012, We Are Glamily Tour 2013.
Official Website(s): Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Official Facebook, Official Website
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Tommy Joe Ratliff is the former bassist/guitarist for Adam Lambert. He is one of the original members of the band, post-American Idol, and came to attention for a controversial kiss shared with Adam during the 2009 American Music Awards on national TV. In response to the backlash, Adam regularly kissed Tommy onstage during his 2010 Glam Nation tour. In 2012, Tommy became the lead guitarist in Adam's band, a role he continued to have through 2013's We Are Glamily tour. Although Tommy has performed with other acts (such as Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross), his fandom popularity has tapered since his last appearance with Adam's band.


Adam Lambert (Adommy/Ratbert/Lambliff)

Adam Lambert was on Season 8 of American Idol, and his career has taken off since.

Taylor Hanson

A crack pairing popularized by the SNAFUBAR series, with a few fans of the series writing their own fics for the pairing.


Online TJR fandom takes place heavily on Twitter and formerly on Livejournal. In recent years, Tommy frequently has used his Twitter platform to express rightwing views, and fans on that platform are usually quick to echo his opinions, and defend him when others challenge them.

Fanfiction can be found archived at the Archive of Our Own.

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