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Name: Lambliff Big Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2014
Moderator(s): i_bleed_magenta, leela_cat, qafmaniac, valress
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Adam Lambert
URL: lambliffbigbang
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The Lambliff Big Bang was big bang challenge in Adam Lambert fandom, focused on the pairing of Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff. Authors had to write a minimum of 10,000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece of a medium of their choice.



Title: They Can Only Do Harm (A.K.A. The Deal)
Author: burkesl17
Type: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Angst
Word Count: 10,940
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Warnings: None - I promise this is not, absolutely not in any possible way a death fic!
Summary: After a terrible tragedy on the American leg of his first tour, Adam makes a deal to undo what happened. But how does he cope with the consequences for himself and Tommy, let alone the fans, media and Twitter hoards?

Title: Pieces of the People We Love
Author: janesgravity
Artist: quinn222
Type: Erm. Angst?
Word Count: 12,822
Rating: PG-13 for swears /o\
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy; Adam/OMC (briefly) Tommy/OFC (briefly) assorted but never sundry Glamnation people and friends and family
Summary: Tommy and Adam get together during Glamnation. But Adam's convinced Tommy's a straight boy, killing time. After Glamnation, he breaks up with Tommy and only then realises his mis-step. A year on, and the Aquarius Rising tour is about to begin. Can they find their way back?

Title: Bittersweet
Author: xrazorbladesky
Artist: creativmind1281
Type: MPreg
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: MPreg
Summary: During Adam Lambert's second world tour, Tommy falls pregnant with his child. Lane has to cancel the rest of his tour, while the two of them figure out if they're ready to be parents.

Title: rot in the heart of the garden
Author: sulwen
Artist: x_serenade
Beta: matertenebrarum
Type: AU, drama, angst
Word Count: 26,519
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, original characters
Summary: Dr. Adam Lambert is only a few years out of medical school and already co-running his own psychiatric practice. But there is one patient engrossing enough to lure him away from his life of ease and comfort, one patient who can make him put everything he's ever worked for at risk: Tommy Joe Ratliff.

Title: I'll Never Leave You
Author: ellieblyss
Artist: glambini
Type: Romance, AU
Word Count: 15K
Rating: PG-14 for mild language, some serious fluff, and enough tears to float Noah's ark.
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy (previous Adam/Kris) Cassidy Haley, Monte Pittman
Warnings: Character Death, Emotional Distress, Animal Injury
Summary: For Adam Lambert, an award winning racing trainer and his prize equine, Bowie, life is sweet. But, nothing lasts forever. After his long-term boyfriend and renowned jockey Kris Allen is killed in an accident, it seems everything is crumbling to the ground. Moving on is not something Adam is ready to do, and why should he? Then, by chance, up and coming rider Tommy tries his hand at handling Bowie. With his gentle hand and unassuming expertise, Tommy slowly begins to change Adam's mind. But is the risk worth it?

Title: That Dancing Star
Author: etharei
Artist: quinn222
Type: science fiction, crossover with Torchwood
Word Count: 21,000 / 60,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: some violence (non-graphic), allusion to surgical procedures (non-graphic)
Summary: While visiting Cardiff during a trip to the UK, Adam loses track of Tommy for an hour. A mysterious stranger in a military coat returns Tommy to him, and all seems well. But it slowly becomes clear that something had happened to Tommy during that missing hour. Adam gets in touch with Captain Jack Harkness, Tommy's dashing-but-mysterious rescuer, and thus begins a crazy and occasionally painful adventure that leads all the way to another world. Features psychedelic pollen, zombies, and a healthy dose of aliens

Title: The Gift
Word Count: ~19,000
Authors:TommyGlitter / Glambini
Art by: Yukisherry
Beta: Nobodybetterer
Type: Slavefic
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Slash, Explicit Violence, Non-Consent, Angst, Language and Schmoop.
Summary: A barbarian with sun-kissed hair is seized from the plains of Gaul by a legion of Roman soldiers. He survives a harsh journey and even harsher treatment as the caravan of slaves travels to distant and exotic Egypt. He is offered as a tribute from Caesar to Queen Cleopatra to endure life as a pleasure slave. Caught in the precarious space between his beliefs and his emotions, the barbarian finds that his fate lies in the hands of the man marked with the eye of Horus on his wrist.

Title: Lips of An Angel
Author: thrace_adams
Artist: glowstickfandom and qafmaniac
Type: Friendship, romance, drama, AU
Word Count: 42,343
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Adam/OMCs, Tommy/OFC
Warnings: Adult situations, language, car accident
Summary: Adam and Tommy have been best friends since they were kids. But everything changes the night before Tommy's wedding and it takes a tragic accident five years later to finally put everything into perspective.

Title: Electric Sheep
Author: furor_scribiend & eaivalefay
Artist: miazilla
Type: Dystopic cyberpunk
Word Count: 78,000
Rating: R
Characters: Adam, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Kris Allen, Katy O'Connell, Monte Pittman, Neil, Leila Lambert, Eber Lambert, Longineu Parsons, Camila Grey
Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Kris/Katy
Warnings: Graphic violence, strong language, character death (highlight to see clarification: *not Adam or Tommy*), mild sexual situations
Summary: The year is 2987. Cybernetics are widespread globally, and especially in heavy usage in the United Southern States. In the South, virtual reality is a pastime for the rich and affluent and no program is more loved than Cowell Enterainment's Adam program. But something rotten is unfolding at the core of the United Southern States, and the ruling corporations can’t cover it up fast enough. Hackers abound and are synonymous with anarchists, facing the death penalty if captured. The police force, while claiming to be for the public good, is controlled entirely by the corporations. Kris Allen and Katy O’Connell know this and still they fight to try and expose the corporations for what they are and what they have done. Meanwhile, Tommy “Crow” Ratliff and Monte “Vein” Pittman have given up on exposing the corporations and are only working to take them down. They have hacked into whatever companies they can and slipped their latest virus into the systems. Suddenly the Adam program, as much as it’s loved, is going the way of its brother, Neil, and starting to show some glitchy behaviour after its five year run. When Kris and Katy break into a Fuller Corporation compound one night, they stumble across an experiment that changes everything. Adam and Neil come to light, struggling for their own survival. Kris and Katy have found more than they ever dreamed of uncovering, but in their discovery they irrevocably tangle their lives with the others’, and now they’re all on the run for the Free Republic of the North, not only for their own lives, but for the hope of the entire South.

Title: “Gypsies In The Palace"
Author: inknmetalrings
Artist: cassandra_ml
Beta: moosatcows
Rating: R
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Word Count 18K
Warnings drug use
Summary: Duc Thomas Ratliff, French noble by birth and the gypsy boy known as Adam start out as childhood friends in France and grow into adolescent lovers only to be separated by an ocean in their thirteenth year when the Roma family immigrates to America. Will they meet again? What will Thomas risk in the name of love? What mystery and intrigue does the great new city of New Orleans hold?

Title: Take the Pain for You
Author: maybe77
Artist: glambini
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Type: Fantasy AU, romance
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21,700
Warning: Past gay-bashing
Summary: As the result of a tragic event, Tommy has acquired healing powers. He takes a position as court healer for Lord Pittman, treating the injuries and illnesses of the people of the kingdom. But he has resigned himself to the belief that his own wounded heart is beyond repair. Until he meets Adam, who shows him that the only thing stopping him from healing is himself.

Title: Unknown
Author: nicky1388
Artist: creativmind1281
Word Count:
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Tommy/OFC (brief)
Summary: Tommy Joe Ratliff is a struggling musician trying to make his dreams come true when he meets the girl of his dreams who will change his life forever. Five years later, Tommy is a struggling single father debating on whether he can still pursue his dreams of music. That’s when Adam Lambert, fresh off of American Idol and just getting through a messy break up comes along. When two men who suddenly feel lost come together, will all the pieces fall into place? If a certain six year old has anything to say about it, things are defiantly going to change.

Title: That Good Night
Author: my_silent_hour
Artist: rude_bunny
Beta: aislinntlc
Type: Romance
Characters: Adam/Tommy (past Adam/Brad)
Word Count: 67,310
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Major Character Death
Summary: I did not go gently. I fought, and I fought hard. I fought for Tommy, too. I fought until I figured out just what I was fighting for. And when I figured that out… well, that’s when I decided that perhaps gently was the best way to go after all.

Title: My Boyfriend's in the Band
Author: mistresscurvy
Artist: mmmfelicious
Type: High School Marching Band AU
Word Count: ~32,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Isaac, Sophie, David, Allison
Warnings: Explicit sex
Summary: When it comes time to deal with the rest of the school, Tommy knows the way to work the high school game. He knows how to stay out of the sightline of assholes, and how to blend in enough to avoid people's notice, but not so much that he feels like a ghost of himself. He gets pretty good grades, but nothing remarkable; he keeps his books in his music cubby, but that's just because he's in the band room three times a day for band practice and music theory and his free period. He's not popular, but he's got his friends, and they look out for each other. No one really pays him any mind. That is not how Adam goes about his life.

Title: My Best Friend's Husband
Author: labct1
Artist: glambini
Pairing: Adam/Dave -- Adam/Tommy
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~13300
Warnings: character death (not Adam nor Tommy), unrequited love
Summary: Tommy falls in love with Adam at first sight but discovers he's engaged to Tommy's best friend. When Adam's husband dies unexpectedly, can Tommy get over his guilt to finally be with Adam.

Title: Rebirth of Hope and Redemption
Author: atomic_dawn
Artist: matertenebrarum
Type: AU, fantasy
Word Count: 29,000
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, characters from Wraeththu Trilogy
Warnings: language, sex
Summary: The race of Wraeththu are taking over the world by incepting human teenage boys and turning them into Wraeththu. Adam Lambert is a General in the most-feared Wraeththu tribe, the Uigenna. While out on a hunt he comes across a lone human boy living in a cave, having been on the run for weeks, avoiding Wraeththu. Adam must take him captive to be incepted into the Uigenna tribe, but can Tommy convince Adam to help him escape? (Based in the world of the Wraeththu Trilogy by Storm Constantine. I have avoided spoiling the books as much as possible, however there may be minor spoilers)

Title: Anything For Love
Author: valress
Artist: wildcat92
Type: Friendship/romance, family, kidfic
Word Count: 10,356
Rating: R for content
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: off page child molestation, only mentioned, not graphic
Summary: Tommy thought he was doing his friend a favor when he agreed to be the guardian of her daughter. He is shocked when one day he ends up with a six year old. One little girl opened his heart and gave him something he never thought he could have. But what happens when that one thing is threatened? What will he do?

Title: Among the dust and the microfiche
Author: i_bleed_magenta
Artist: x_serenade
Type: AU
Word Count: 15598
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: none
Summary: Adam is a university student by day and budding rock star by night, struggling through his last major paper and desperate for help. Tommy is the reluctant library assistant who's gotten really good at his job, even if what he really wants to do is make music.

Title: star-crossed wires
Author: watery_weasel
Artist: herlovewasajoke
Type: Romance, Fantasy AU
Word Count: 17, 500
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing: Tommy Joe Ratliff/Adam Lambert, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Kris Allen, Monte Pittman, Mia Tyler, Brooke Wendle, a few others mixed in
Warnings: underage sex, drug-use, foul language, masturbation, barebacking, incest (It's not as bas as it sounds, but I'm warning for everything, just in case)
Summary: Modern day AU based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Tommy and Adam are modern day demigod sons of greek mythology attending a summer camp for other teens like them, learning the basics of how to be divine and not end up monster chow. In which the boys learn being a demigod is seriously overrated and that love only makes everything that much more complicated.

Title: We Are the Crowd
Author: fools_game
Artist: writinchica2k
Type: Romance/AU
Word Count: 20,600
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy Tommy/others mentioned
Warnings: None
Summary: Tommy Ratliff is Hollywood's next big thing, a rising star and bisexual icon. The media is intensely interested in his love life, so the stupidest thing he could possibly do is get involved with a paparazzo. Even a tall, gorgeous, sweet one who's really bad at it.

Title: Witness Protection for The Heart
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister / writefiction
Beta: Trench / glambert813
Artist: Missy Miss / missynicole
Pairing: Adam Lambert / Tommy Joe Ratliff
Type: AU with a bit of romance
Rating: R
Warning: Minor character death, violence, strong language, graphic sex (I think that's it.)
Word Count: 17,801
Summary: Thomas Hanson joins Witness Protection after witnessing his best friend's murder. He gets placed in some boring New England town. But when he starts to fall for one of his handlers, Marshall Adam Lambert, things begin to get tricky and not so boring. Does Adam feel the same? And what happens when you fall in love with a US Marshall when you're in the Witness Protection Program?

Title: Kick Me Like a Stray
Author: litsasecret
Artist: inoru_no_hoshi
Type: Supernatural AU; pre-slash; angst
Wordcount: ~19000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, Adam/Tommy (preslash), Tommy/OMC (briefly), Neil, others
Warnings: Dubcon; Graphic Violence
Summary: In a world where Weres are accepted, however reluctantly, by humans, it's always best to be surrounded by friends. Unfortunately, Tommy has none, and lives a hard-scrabble hand-to-mouth existence right up until he meets Adam, an Alpha cougar who wants nothing more than to make the pretty lynx a part of his mixed pack, his band, and his life.

Title: Painted Faces
Word Count: 16k
Author: glambini
Art by: anathema64
Beta: ratbert71
Type: modern romance
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: sexual context, mild BDSM, public sex.
Summary: Adam is a struggling Broadway actor paying the rent with his day job at a M.A.C. store in the city when an unexpected surprise walks through the door. Tommy likes girls, but is chocked full of kinky surprises. Their chance encounter slams into the wall of Adam’s pride and Tommy’s sexual identity and comes out the other side in lighted billboards on Times Square. This is a light-hearted smutty story not to be taken seriously at all.

Title: And Other Perfect Things
Author: radiogaga33
Artist: pikespeak22
Type: Romance, AU
Word Count: 36K
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Brooke, Neil, Monte and others.
Beta: sweet_poeia
Warnings: Marital infidelity, brief suicidal thoughts
Summary: This is a story about transformation and waking up, but mostly, it is a story about how Adam Lambert becomes...well, Adam Lambert.

Title: Bloodstream: Under Your Skin
Authors: dangerous_47 & casey270
Artist: sonicscrewed //
Betas: fireangel8723 and casey270
Type: AU, Supernatural, Romance
Word Count: A little over 30,000
Rating: Over all NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Lambliff, Past Kradam (only for like a minute)
Warnings: Bloodplay, breath play, character death (not major), strong language and violence. Also some stuff may be bordering on dub-con. Summary: Adam and Tommy move in to a new place, in a new town after their last town got them a bit too hot under the collar and expect to be able to relax, sleep the day away and get some work done during regular vampiric hours, but a certain spunky next door were has other ideas and a blast from Tommy's past comes back to bite him in the ass, and surprises Adam with new information about his partner.

Title: Souls In Growth
Author: the_minx_17
Artist: a_dreamwithin
Type: Drama, Canon 'verse
Word Count: ~11k
Rating: Adult
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, Mia, Anderson, Monte, Brad, Leila, Terrance, Jake (OMC); Tommy/Jake (OMC), Adam/Tommy
Summary: After the tour, Tommy finds his gay, Adam goes silent, and Mombert puts her foot down. Also there's comfort food, good friends, and hot chocolate.

Title: Simply Complicated
Author: anathema64
Artist: taxcha
Type: AU bonding fic, with healthy doses of angst and smut
Word count: 11008
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, with appearances by the Glam Troupe, Mia, and Lane
Warnings: sexually explicit content, language
Summary: Tommy should have known that something was up when the guy had walked into the restaurant and he’d immediately been drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Tommy had never really thought that instant attraction was real, but it sure felt like he had been wrong. And after what he thinks is just a simple one-night stand, it turns out that he was right after all. Instant attraction really is bullshit, but bonding is apparently all too real. To make things even more complicated, it turns out that he bonded with Adam Lambert – as in Adam Lambert, the rock star. It isn’t the most ideal way of finding a gig, but it’s a simple enough solution to their problem, so Tommy goes on tour with Adam as his bassist while they wait for the bond to run its course. It goes surprisingly well – Tommy fits in great with the band and he and Adam fall into an easy friendship. (It doesn’t hurt that the sex is amazing either.) It all seems so simple, until Tommy realizes that it’s not. Until he realizes that even though the bonding has ended, a whole other kind of bond has taken its place. From there, everything just gets complicated.

Title: It's All There In The Manual
Author: finnistar
Artist: rivers_bend
Type: AU, RPS, Romance
Word Count: 11,261
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy (Dave – the roommate, Misty - the boss, Nathaniel – the co-worker, friends)
Warnings: suggested sexual context, schmoop, a sprinkling of strong language, story varies from canon
Summary: Tommy and his roommate Dave have a problem. They're about to get evicted from their apartment unless they can come up with a bunch of cash. Tommy has a band that gets paid in beer, and a job at the record store where he's lucky to see more than two shifts a week. When he lands a job as an adult phone entertainer, things begin to look up, until he meets Adam, the cocky office star.

Title: Take A Step Before You Leap
Author: silentdescant
Artist: qafmaniac
Type: Romance
Word Count: 41,500
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Canon drug use, internalized homophobia, consent play, verbal descriptions of a rape fantasy.
Summary: Tommy has always insisted he's straight, but he’s an open-minded guy. He has all kinds of friends, and he doesn’t judge any of their actions or preferences. So why is it so difficult for him to accept his own attraction to Adam? This is the story of their relationship, from the first audition to the end of the tour.

Title: GlitterGasm
Author: yukisherry
Artist: glambini
Type: pornstar AU, romance
Word Count: 12K+, WIP
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy (main), Tommy/others (work-related)
Warnings: uncensored language, lots of glitter, gay pornography in its many permutations
Summary: Recent theatre grad Adam Lambert needs money to pay off his student loans pronto or he might as well go live under a tree in Central Park. A friend comes through for him with a job offer and all seems perfect; the work hours don't interfere with Adam's rehearsal times, and he needs no special qualifications. Only... he never imagined himself working as a fluffer in a gay porn studio.

Title: Make All The Moves
Author: andlightplay
Artist: sin_fuego
Type: Crossover with Fall Out Boy's "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me" video
Word Count: 15,000
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, background Cam/Sasha
Warnings: Violence, strong language
Summary: Being a vampire hunter is a lot like being in a rock band: you stay in a town only long enough to do your job, then move on; you live out of the couple of duffel bags you can squeeze in amongst the tools of your trade; and you spend most of your time squished into a van with a bunch of your best friends. And sometimes a band rolls into town and finds that the whole place is against them, sullen gangs watching them as they walk down the street...but that's where the similarity stops, because no musician ever had to deal with a half-feral vampire who wants help busting his friends out of the headquaters of the most powerful, dangerous gang in town. And that's assuming they're even still alive...

Title: Reality (Shows) Bite
Author: ruafair
Artist: wildcat92
Beta: fairfax_verde
Type: Romance, friendship, a tiny bit of angst, and a little fluffy at times!
Word Count: 38,383
Rating: Hard R
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy, Brad, Terrance, Neil, Sutan, the band and a few original characters. Pairing is Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Slash, male/male sex, strong language and Fluff!!
Summary: The producers to the TV reality show The Bachelor decide to embrace the 21st century and launch a season where the ‘bachelor’ is a gay man, and the man they want is Adam Lambert. A reluctant Adam signs up, determined to do the show his way!

Title: Running Out of Days
Author: pyrosgf
Artist: cassandra_ml
Type: Romance/Hurt-Comfort/Horror
Word Count: 13107
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Lambliff, OFC Penny
Warnings: sexual context, violence, strong language
Summary: In a world not too unlike our own, terrifying creatures, and even wonderfully good beings inhabited a planet just like ours. The constant war for evil to destroy the good had been happening for years. Crimes, disappearances, and unexplained events were commonplace in this world. This place forced two lovers to fight to survive, to hold onto one another, and to stand up for the good. However futile the fight, it was one that had been going on far before they were thought of. Adam had a secret that would unravel Tommy’s world when his little sister was taken. Overwhelming love for his family leads Tommy on a horrifying adventure that lays his life and the lives of his lover and family on the line. Who will survive?

Title: Know Your Place
Author: bentrumors
Artist: va_bites
Type: Romance, established relationship, porn, future fic
Word Count: 12299
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, special guest appearance by Monte Pittman
Warnings: graphic, rough and tumble sex including barebacking, post-coital rimming, lingerie cross-dressing, bruising/marking and stalker fantasy role playing
Summary: Tommy thinks he’s got his relationship with Adam all figured out, but when Adam stalks him through the house one night, Tommy is lost in the dark in more ways than one.

Art by yukisherry for Try

Title: Try
Author: bronzin_it
Artist: yukisherry
Type: AU, Romance
Word Count: 11,774
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, Brad Bell, Monte Pittman, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Brooke Wendle
Warnings: Sexual content, mentioned homophobic bullying, mentioned sexual abuse, prostitution, slight Brad bashing (I love him but I needed a villain!)
Summary: Tommy, an eighteen year old rebel, is kicked out of his Fifth Avenue penthouse by his father. With nowhere to go, he decides to bite the bullet and sell his body right off to make money. Two days after being on the streets, he lets his guard down in the back alley of a club when he hears music he can't ignore, only to be jumped by a couple of thugs. A stranger, Adam, finds him and takes him home to a family of runaways, promising to fix him up, but someone living there isn't too pleased with the arrangement as Tommy knows a secret that could ruin everything he built... Will Adam be able to keep his promise?

Title: Not Perfect
Author: firiel77
Artist: jashelle1
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Genre: AU
Word Count: 30,000 words.
Rating: NC17 for fic as a whole
Warnings: Nothing really. Just enough angst to make it fun.
Summary: Tommy’s looking for a new band. He finds more than he’s bargained for.

Title: Rush
Author: prairiegirl116
Artist: rude_bunny
Type: Romance, AU
Word Count: 13,440
Rating: NC17
Characters: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: None
Summary: Boys just like to have fun and Adam certainly is as Tommy soon finds out when he moves into a new apartment with very thin walls. Will this noisy turn-off become a turn-on as Tommy can't help but listen Will Tommy succumb to the charms of Adam Lambert and get his life back? Will they discover they've been waiting for each other? The intense sexual ride in this story might make anyone a little breathless. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Let it in that ray of light
Author: shadowfaxy
Artist: taxcha
Beta: a_dreamwithin
Type: romance, ghost au
Word Count: 1700
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: violence, strong language,
Summary: Tommy Ratliff owns a pawn shop and accidentally ends up putting on a cursed locket. That’s also haunted by a ghost. Luckily, he meets Adam Lambert, a psychic medium, who agrees to help. But can they discover the mysterious past of the locket before Tommy loses his life?

Title: Love in The Time of Movie Monsters
Author: deliriousminuet
Artist: orchidfiction
Type: horror
Word Count: 15,955
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, most of the people on the Glamnation Tour show up
Warnings: gore, character death
Summary: The monsters in Tommy's tattoos are as interested in him as he is in them. In the middle of the tour, they find a way to get at him and his friends. Everyone proceeds to run for their lives.

Title: House Of Souls
Author: casey270
Artist: glambini
Beta: janesgravity
Type: romance/fantasy
Word Count: 20,000
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Character death, but tempered with reincarnation.
Summary: In the beginning, two souls are sent out into the world to find each other. They grow bruised and battered with longing, but each soul has its own unique destiny. The journey towards fulfillment isn't always easy, yet if a soul is determined, it will overcome any obstacle in its path. As each soul makes its way to its intended pair, the heavens will weep until the stars align. So it is in the house of souls.

Title: Eyes Like Blue Steel
Author:Susy Sunflower
Artist: ohfreckle
Type: LA Detective Noir, in the style of Raymond Chandler, with an homage to Chinatown
Word Count: 16,517
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Adam/Brooke, Tommy/Alice (Allison), with Monte, Sasha, Cheeks, Terrance and Raja
Warnings: sex and violence, gunplay, gay bashing, adult language, political incorrectness, terrible wisecracks
Summary: Hollywood in the late 40's. Handsome crooner Adam Lambert is about to make his first movie, but before that can happen, the studio hires a wisecracking detective named Ratz to make sure that there are no secrets lurking behind Adam's eyes like blue steel

Title: Anything you ask me to
Author: i_bleed_magenta
Artist: rude_bunny
Type: AU, D/S, romance
Word Count: 15766
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, appearance by Brad
Warnings: D/S themes, self-injury
Summary: Tommy is a shy, struggling musician who's given up on his dreams and himself. Adam is a lawyer who's living a careful, measured life because he's afraid of the messy parts. Can they figure it out, together?

Title: Learning To Live Again
Author: thememoryslides
Artist: quinn222
Beta: darkangel86_07
Type: AUish, pre-slash, friendship
Word Count: 15, 131
Rating: hard R
Characters/Pairings: Tommy/OMC, Tommy/Monte (friendship only), Adam/Tommy, appearances from Tommy's family, Mia, Chantala, Dave, Lisa (Monte's wife), Lisa, Longineu, Brad, OFC, mentions of Neil, Roxy, Sutan & Taylor.
Warnings: Non-con, verbal abuse (in the past but written on page in detail)
Summary: “I know Tommy, broad shoulders, dark hair, easy going face, that’s Adam.” He pauses to watch Tommy take small sips out of the water bottle, all while still rubbing slow circles on his back. “But Tommy Adam is nothing like Ryan.”

Title: Stand - The Ballad of Adam Black
Author: Glitter Vampire
Artist: orchidfiction
Type: Historical AU
Word Count: 12,465
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Tommy/OFC (brief, non-sexual), Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Highway robbery, murder, flowery prose suited to the era ;)
Summary: Young Thomas Ratliff had everything a gentleman of his station in the late 18th century could need: money, a new home being built, and a beautiful young bride. The one thing he lacked, however, was the adventure that his heart had yearned for since he was a boy. Oh, and something much darker that was only spoken of in hushed whispers in certain taverns friendly to those of his stifled kind in that age, but, dear reader, we shall not speak of such things.

Title: Deconstructing This Apocalypse
Author: isolde13
Artist: sin_fuego
Type: AU, Post-Apocalypic, Romance, Mpreg
Word Count: 29,196 words
Rating: R
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Once scene that could be considered dub-con, death (though not main characters)
Summary: In the future, in a decimated world, science has advanced enough to give men the ability to bear children. It is in this world that Adam and Tommy meet, a chance encounter that leads them both on a journey that will change their lives. And possibly the future of the entire human race

Title: Angels Camp
Author: darkangel86_07
Artist: yukisherry
Type: AU, Roamnce, Drama, Angst, Smut, Humor, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: 15,600+
Rating: PG-13-NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, Kris Allen/Brad Bell, Cassidy Haley/Cale Mills (past Drake Labry/Tommy Joe Ratliff)
Warnings: Mentions of past domestic violence and Language
Summary: Tommy Joe Ratliff had never had it easy in life; growing up poor, never knowing where his next meal was going to come from. Meeting Drake Labry was supposed to be his break in life, his chance at finally being happy. Too bad Drake had other ideas for them. After a fight gone bad, Tommy's life changed forever. Now twenty-nine and living in a new city with a fresh start on his life, Tommy finds himself drawn to someone new, shocking not only himself but his friends as well. Enter one Adam Lambert. Tommy never could have realized that by meeting Adam, the younger man could make him see things he'd never seen before.

Title: Cut Out in Little Stars
Author: Gypsy_Ophelia gypsy_scribbles
Artist: jashelle1
Type: AU romance
Word Count: 23,000 words
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Sexual content, strong language
Summary: I actually got the idea for this fic after reading the interview where Tommy said he was working a desk job before getting his big break with Adam, and finally seeing his music career take off. In this universe both boys are 25, and Tommy has temporarily given up on music for a “real job” that pays the bills. On his way back from a friend’s wedding he picks up Adam, a free-spirited hitchhiker and struggling musician.

Title: The Silent Storm
Word Count: 25k+
Beta by: ratbert71 (bethmeister88)
Type: Vampire AU
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Sexual content and vampires feeding on blood.
Summary: Clouds of war are gathered in the sky, and a storm of sorts is brewing in vampire fiefdom. Adam’s quest to avert a blood bath leads him to a strange human known as Tommy Joe Ratliff. Sparks fly when they first meet, but can Adam handle what Tommy throws at him - Silence. Between the stories of matings past and the words of ancient scrolls, the two must find a way to keep each other alive and save the Glambert Clan.


Title: When Love Fails
Author: silentdescant & sulwen
Artist: rude_bunny
Betas: isweedan & pussy_in_person
Type: Drama
Word Count: 160,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Adam/multiple OMCs, Tommy/OFC, Tommy/multiple OMCs, past Adam/Brad
Warnings: Angst, Suicidal Ideation, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Infidelity, Dubious Consent, Drug Overdose, Severe Main Character Injury, Depression, Eating Disorder, Unsafe Sex, Violence, Multiple Partners, Explicit Heterosexual Sex, Homophobia, Vomiting, Jealousy, Physical and Verbal Fighting, Hospitalization, Body Dysmorphia, Coming Out Publicly, BDSM (D/s specifically), Breathplay, Humiliation, Orgasm Control, Belting, Bloodplay, Knifeplay, Bondage, Pain Kink, Semi-Public Sex, Rough/Angry Sex, Unhealthy/Unsafe Expressions of All Above Kinks.
Summary: What starts as rebound sex quickly turns into a downward spiral of co-dependent addiction. Adam and Tommy both bring heavy baggage to their relationship: Adam is being pushed harder and harder every day by an unsympathetic manager and is starting to long for the no-consequences life of anonymity he’s left behind, while Tommy carries the weight of a string of infidelities and personal insecurities. Their relationship takes them to a darker place than either of them could have imagined.

Title: Spoil Of War
Author: toobusy2write
Artist: qafmaniac
Type: AU; Slave!fic
Word Count: 122,938 words
Rating: NC17 overall
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy; brief Adam/OMC in one scene, and hints of Tommy/Sutan
Warning: This is slave!fic—including eventual sexual slavery—with all that entails. Also, there is exhibitionism, spanking, violence, and character death (NOT Adam or Tommy). *Highlight for spoiler-ish warnings that may be triggering to some: There's attempted non-con (NOT between Adam and Tommy), and mentions of past sexual abuse. Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit...just borrowing them to get the plot bunny that invaded my brain to shut up already.
Beta'd by: vlredreign, masnds2, and x0christie0x
Setting: Takes place in a made up world, but for frame of reference, it probably most closely resembles a really AU version of 5th or 6th century Europe. Summary: In the Realm of Ubertas, when a kingdom falls to another, its king becomes a Spoil of War; a slave to the royal family of the conquering kingdom. Through circumstances of fate, Tommy becomes that Spoil of War and Adam—prince and heir apparent to the throne of the kingdom left standing—becomes his master. But each has a secret that could change everything…

Cover art by xsilverdreamsx for 'Wakashudo: The Way of Youth

Title: Wakashudo: The Way of Youth
Author: maybe77
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Type: Historical AU, romance
Word Count: 45K
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Pederasty. Tens of thousands of words of pederasty. There’s also a smidge of Tommy and Adam with OCs.
Summary: Adam is a samurai in turn-of-the-17th century Japan. Tommy becomes his apprentice.

Title: The Raven Calls For Its Key
Author: i_glitterz
Artist: cassandra_ml
Type: Romance, AU
Word Count: 20k
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, Camilla Grey/Brooke Wendle, Mia Tyler, Isaac Carpenter, Monte Pittman, John Standle(OMC), Neil(OMC not to be mistaken for Neil Lambert)
Warnings: none
Summary: Thomas is a low ranking farmer, who wishes to make his parents happy by securing their land. The fair Miss Camilla would solve his every problem and make his parents proud. Although she is willing to elope with him, the Duchess' heart belongs to another fair maiden. Can Thomas find a lover of his own? One that will not only please his parents, but unlock his heart?

Title: Pack Law
Author: radiogaga33
Artist:: adobejunkie
Type: Sci-fi/Fantasy AU
Word Count: 30,800
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing: Adam/Tommy; Kris, Monte, Sutan, Terrance, Sauli
Warnings, etc: Werewolves, graphic violence, systematic discrimination, war, implied mpreg (nothing on-page), implied past non-con (not main characters), knotting.
Summary: For as long as anyone can remember, the planets Lycan and Vampiris have always been at war. Twenty-five years after the vampire occupation of Lycan, Tommy Ratliff, an omega werewolf comes of age to be claimed. Unable to defy Pack Law, Tommy resigns himself to a loveless match. That is, until Adam Lambert, infamous vampire/werewolf half-breed adds his proposal to the mix and turns Tommy’s world upside down. (In short, intergalactic werewolves).

Title: Spread His Light Wings
Author: sugarmaus
Artist: glambini
Type: AU/Slavefic
Word Count: 70k
Rating: Explicit
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Adam/OMC, Tommy/OMC
Warnings/Tags: slavery, non con, dub con, cross dressing, prostitution, minor character death, violence, abuse, power imbalance
Summary: Love, free as air at sight of human ties, Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies. - Alexander Pope

Adam and Tommy are slaves, the kind that are trained to fulfill very specific requirements of the aristocratic and wealthy; the kind of slave that’s worth a lot of money, the kind of slave for whom love is dangerous. It’s wrong to feel anything, a mistake to grow close to one another; it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen though. Torn apart too soon, separated by circumstance, they both must hold onto the hope that one day they’ll be reunited, somehow.

Title: And Adam Makes Three
Author: my_silent_hour
Beta: Aislinn
Characters: Adam Lambert, Tommy Ratliff, OMC
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Tommy/OMC, Adam/OMC, Adam/Tommy/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, unless you just hate threesomes or something. In which case run away and don't look back.
Word Count: 99K
Summary: "So what do we do?" "We do what hurts." A sickening chill worked its way through Adam's chest. "I don't share well." "Neither do I," Sam said, then he turned and looked Adam in the eye. "But we agreed to do what's best for Tommy. If he needs us both, then we give him that."

Title: Your Pretty Face Hides A Thousand Lies.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Tommy/OMC, Adam/OMC
Beta:i_glitterz (Thank you for betaing this huge fic)
Rating: R/NC-17
Word count: 51k
Warning: Swearing, slight dub con, abusive relationship, mentions of past physical abuse, some violence, sex dark fic.
Summary: Lambliff Big Bang fill. Everyone thinks Adam met Tommy for the first time when he auditioned for the band, but that isn't true. Adam met Tommy once before in a club during his slightly slutty phase. The blonde was in his metal rocker phase then, he also blew Adam like a porn star. Why he's playing it straight now, Adam doesn't know, but he will find out.

Title: “Like the Phoenix Midst Her Fires”
Author: Wynkat1313 / Wynkat
Artist: Banbury
Characters: Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Kris Allen, Doug Anderson, Isaac Carpenter, Sophie Carpenter, Lee Cherry, Simon (de) Cowell, Anoop Desai, Simon Fuller, Danny Gokey, Lane Newland, Xander Smith, Terrance Spencer, cameos by assorted familiar faces and OCs
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Adam / Others, Tommy/ Danny, Isaac / Sophie, Terrance / OMC (implied)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU / Alternate Timeline
Word Count: 55,400
Warnings: black-mail, betrayal, depression, domestic abuse (not A/T), grief, homophobia, hurt/comfort, non-con, revenge, sexual slavery, trauma
Alpha & Beta Readers: aislinntlc, FloridaMinxie, leela_cat, orasimcha, Thraceadams & my sounding board / husband, Rimblemethis Summary: Five years after Danny Gokey’s surprise win on American Idol season 8 and Adam Lambert’s mysterious disappearance, the Count de Cowell arrives in LA handing out money like its candy. He’s a tall, stunningly handsome, charismatic patron of the arts with ice cold eyes. No one can get near him, but everyone wants him. They say LA is a town of secrets and lies and de Cowell might just hold the biggest secrets of all. For the Lambert family and Lambert’s old flame Tommy Ratliff, finding out what de Cowell knows will prove life changing.

Art by xsilverdreamsx for Protoss Vs Zerg

Title: Protoss Vs Zerg
Author: glambini
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Beta: ratbert71
Type: Alternative Universe. Gamer Fic
Word Count: 22K
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, also starring Terrance as Dante9 and Lee Cherry as Leenox
Warnings: sexual context, some gamer lingo/references (the gamer lingo provides a backdrop for the romance, however you can enjoy the story even if you don’t care for gamers or StarCraft 2)
Summary: Adam is a veteran of StarCraft 2 major league gaming (MLG). Tommy is the new kid on the block and fast becoming a fan favorite. It's a battle of wills both in and out of the game. Their tumultuous association is cramping Adam's playing style and their teammates are side-shows in the never-ending Protoss versus Zerg battle between them. Somehow the alien from planet fierce and the Zerg player who has managed to infiltrate every part of Adam's life will need to find common ground. If that common ground happens to be on a bed, who are we, mere Terrans, to judge.

Title: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Author: bentrumors
Artist: argylepiratewd
Type: romance, fantasy, suspense
Word Count: 16216
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, OMC/OMC
Warnings: anxiety disorder, violence
Summary: After an accident on the Idol tour, Adam develops agoraphobia (fear of leaving his home). Despite becoming a recluse, he still experiences tremendous success. Tommy's father has just died and his mom is deep in debt. Tommy feels pressured to provide for her, so he tolerates a very bizarre audition for Adam and ends up with more than he ever bargained for in Adam's bed...and the mysterious garden Adam keeps walled off from the rest of the property. Tommy is suddenly finding it difficult to leave, but he doesn't have a head injury to blame. Is it his attraction to Adam, or is he going crazy too?

Title: The Wedding Date
Author: lovenhardt1
Artist: adobejunkie
Type: Romance
Word Count: 33,439
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes friends do really stupid things that get you into trouble and they get off scot-free! This is one of those times. So now because Cheeks couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Adam's ex that he's in LOVE and so fucking HAPPY in this relationship, that, by a way, Adam doesn't actually have! Adam gets an invite to said ex's wedding and ends up going to spend four days with his ex's family with a paid date found for him by Cheeks. Tommy Joe is practically every dirty fantasy of Adam's and on top of that he's a real sweetheart. Adam is so screwed because four days of playing boyfriends with Tommy is going to be torture, especially since he told Adam that he doesn't mix business with pleasure. Then Cheeks dares Adam to make Tommy bend his rules and Adam has never been one to back away from one of those. And that's how he finds himself with Tommy smiling up at him in the front garden of Adam's former almost in-laws. "Let the games begin," Tommy says. Indeed, Adam thinks.

Title: Putting Out Fires with Gasoline
Author: faithharkness
Artist: The awesome and very understanding silmarwen_85
Type: Science fiction; romance
Word Count: ~32,650
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy; Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Monte Pittman, Sasha Mallory, a host of OCs (including Hannah Summers-Fogg and the sisters Atreides) Warnings: Violence; blood and gore; torture; mentions of non-con (no graphic descriptions); graphic completely consensual sex; light consensual bondage; attempted/threatened incest and non-con; barebacking (consensual).
Summary: In a rebuilding New Orleans, one of the few survivors of an ancient race decides to replenish his pack.

Title: Obsession glacée
Author: valress
Beta: untamedfilly
Words: 25,000
Pairing(s): Adam/Tommy, Tommy/OMC(past), Cook/Kris(background)
Other Characters: Kris Allen, David Cook,Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud, David Archuleta, Lane Newland, Frank Iero, Lee DeWyze, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, OFC’s, OMC’s
Warnings: Stalking, descriptions of body mutilation, murder, violence, death (no main characters)
Summary: Pop Superstar Adam Lambert is adored by millions, but what happens when an individual takes their idolatry to terrifyingly threatening levels? Enter Agent Tommy Ratliff, rising star of the FBI. Tommy knows what it’s like to lose someone he loves in an act of violence and while Tommy has vowed never to open his heart again, Adam has other ideas. Tommy finds himself thrust into the world of Adam Lambert where he must separate his personal feelings and professional obligations to find a dangerous stalker, but also manage to protect his own heart.

Title: Under the Mountain
Author: bad_peppermint
Artist: cassandra_ml
Type: Fantasy AU
Word Count: 39k
Rating: R for violence and some sexual content
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Isaac Carpenter/Sophie Carpenter, Neil Lambert/OFC
Warnings: Violence, minor character death, mentions of non-con.
Summary: As a Prince of the Mountain, it is Adam's duty to leave his home for two years. Two long years to live, learn and grow into a ruler fit to lead the mountain people. But when he returns, his new-found advisers in tow, it is to find that the mountain is no longer as he left it. His brother Neil has turned into an conniving, silver-tongued little devil, the hated Greymen are knocking on their door, and then there is Tommy: Small, tough, and exactly what Adam likes in a man. But Tommy has his own burden to carry, and it is up to Adam to defend Tommy's reputation, resolve his brother's issues and make sure they don't all get killed in the process.

Title: You’ve Got Ties
Author: huntersprey
Artist: qafmaniac
Type: Romance, angst
Word Count: 27,786
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Adam/OMC, Monte Pittman, Camila Grey, Isaac Carpenter, Sophie Carpenter, original characters
Warnings: Sexual content, infidelity
Summary: Adam and Tommy hooked up towards the end of the Glam Nation tour. They do what normal couples would do and are hopelessly in love. There is only one problem – Adam has a boyfriend, Aiden. So, their love for each other is kept a secret. However, secrets can’t be kept forever. People start finding out about the affair and push them to do something to end it, one way or another. But has Adam kept Tommy waiting too long, or will he be able to finally be with the man he loves?

Title: Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you
Author: blue_soaring
Artist: qafmaniac
Type: Romance, get-together, tour!fic
Word Count: ~59k
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, past Tommy/Delmy, past Adam/Brad
Warnings: Language, sex, drugs, alcohol.
Summary: Some casual, no-strings affection is exactly what Adam says he needs, what Tommy thinks he wants, and tour is a great environment to get it. But for something without strings, the sex with Adam leaves Tommy feeling awfully tangled up, and eventually something has to give.

Title: Morpheus Fields
Author: wizardesslyn
Artist: xsilverdreamsx
Type: Dark romance, death fic
Word Count: 16k
Rating: Over all, hard R
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Isaac, Cam (briefly), various OMC’s
Warnings: Heavy drug use, character death, blood/death situations, abuse, neglect, sexual content
Summary: Tommy has lived through things that most humans succumb to early on, but he’s tired of living. He’s decided to end it all just as soon as he can score his next big hit of morphine. Surrounded by Gods and Goddess’, unbeknownst to him, with agendas of their own, can he find his way out of the darkness? Adam is the God of dreams, Morpheus, and usually doesn’t take the time to deal with inconsequential humans, dealing more with those in power, but the other daemons already have assignments, so he takes to dealing with the fate of one Mr. Ratliff. He finds more than he bargained for when he steps into the nightmares of the beautiful blonde man and does his best to change Tommy’s mind through his dreams. Can Morpheus be the ungent that will heal Tommy’s deep seated wounds? With various other Gods and Goddess’ that try to intervene for their own reasons, can Adam keep Tommy alive to fulfill his destined fate or will Thanatos (Isaac), the God of peaceful death, take him?

Title: Tattooed Indents
Author: i_glitterz
Artist: creativmind1281
Type: AU, Abuse, some Romance
Word Count: 27K
Rating: Hard R
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff, Tommy Ratliff/Original Male Character(Matt), the rest of the Glamily, and Tommy's IRL friend Mike
Warnings: Domestic Violence, Strong language, Angst, Poetic License
Summary:Tommy’s been in an abusive relationship for the last nine years. He'd just joined Adam Lambert's band and was asked by Adam to go to Cabo with him. After a horrible fight with his boyfriend, Tommy decided that he needed to get away for a few days, so he took Adam up on his offer. When Tommy's boyfriend hurt him after Cabo, Tommy couldn't take it and asked Sutan to meet him, knowing that Tommy couldn't talk to Adam for fear of them both getting hurt. After their talk, everything seemed to go fine, that was, until the AMA's happened. Tommy's boyfriend told him he couldn't be in the band anymore, that he was done, and Tommy fought with him. After a choke out in the kitchen, Tommy was done. He was scared and feared his life, so he left, not looking back. Adam and Sutan helped him through it all, trying to get him back up on his feet as best they could before the tour started. It worked, and helped, but there was that feeling in the pit of Tommy's stomach every time Adam was around. He didn't know what it was or why it was there, but he liked it; a lot. Can Tommy cope with being in an abusive relationship and then try not to freak out when he figures out that he's in love with Adam? What will happen when Tommy’s ex-boyfriend shows up unexpected? Will things fall apart and will Tommy fall with them, or will he rise up and take back control of his life, one step at a time?

Title: Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Wet
Author: thrace_adams
Artist: qafmaniac
Word Count: 10,612
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language, Kinks including figging and watersports (mild)
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: This is actually part Five of my fantasy verse. You can find the first part here, although it's not necessary to have read any of the previous parts. All you need to know is that Adam and Tommy are in an established relationship and take turns exploring their fantasies. This story is how they discover two new fantasies and kinks that they share. Hope you enjoy!

Title: My House Should Be Your Home
Author: bentrumors
Artist: heartsdesire456
Type: romance
Word Count: 10553
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: none
Summary: Adam's always known what he wants, especially from Tommy. Even though Tommy thought he was in complete control of his feelings for Adam, from first fooling around on tour to becoming a regular fuck buddy, Adam was always a step ahead, leading Tommy to where he wants them to be. Will Tommy finally get on board?

Title: Eternity Becomes You - Denial
Author: tommyglitter
Artist: creativmind1281
Type: Vampire Fic
Word Count: ~23,700
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Thomas, Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Blood, Angst, Language, and Sex
Summary: There are five steps, or phases, that people go through when faced with the death of a loved one, or while facing their own death. These steps are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. They don’t always go in that order, and those feelings switch back and forth as we go through the process until we can accept completely. This is a story about a prince who lost the love of his life, and found a way to get him back. The price he paid was high. He spent centuries wandering the earth as a vampire, waiting for his lover to return to him. This is also about the one he loved; reincarnated in everything but memory, and finding his life is about to change at the hands of that vampire. This is a story of both of their struggles as they work their ways through these steps and come to accept that change is a part of life.

Title: These Roads Always Lead Me Back
Author: casey270
Artist: adobejunkie
Beta: untamedfilly
Type: Friendship
Word Count: 16500
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam, Tommy
Warnings: Minor character death
Summary: The struggle to reclaim a friendship that time and circumstance have pushed aside. A temperamental car, a dark road and a lonely house all conspire with nature to help Adam and Tommy find their way back to being able to appreciate what is special about each other.

Title: How I Learned My Lesson
Author: montmorency
Artist: banbury
Type: Romance and humor
Word Count: 16,500
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: None. Happy fic, happy ending.
Summary: Tommy works in a computer call center. Adam is a computer tech who is called in to fix his computer. Sparks fly! Camping, Burbank, Hollywood, computer geek!Adam, call center!Tommy, jealous Ravi, Sutan in a facial masque, squirrels and owls and bears oh my!

Title: The Unbroken
Author: tommyglitter
Artist: miazilla
Type: SlaveFic
Word Count: ~13,000
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Porn, language, abuse, reference to non-con, and orgasm denial.
Summary: This is an AU, and takes place in a world where people become slaves either through becoming a hostage in a takeover or war or due to losing all authority in their caste and become indigent and homeless. Slaves have no rights, nor do they have laws to protect them. The higher caste you belong to the more rights and power you have, and with the help of others you can rise or fall in power. Tommy has been taken as spoils of war by one of the higher caste of people who wish to climb the ladder to power. As part of a deal to get more support, his ruthless owner ‘Mark’ makes a bet with Lord Adam. If Adam can’t break the slave within twenty-four hours, he must help Mark rise in power.

Title: Aftermath
Author: firiel77
Artist: miazilla
Type: AU, future fic, sci fi, romance
Pairing: Adam/Tommy/Allison Iraheta
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 26,490
Warnings: Mentions of violence, non con, rape, het, angst, schmoop. Lol, a laundry list of warnings.
Beta: eloiserummaging
Summary: Post-apocalyptic Road Warrior story. Adam gets to wear Mad Max’s leather pants and drive a hot car. Tommy is like the feral child with the boomerang only obviously, you know, older. Allison is along for the ride because I like her. And I really have no plausible reason why the three of them are in the Australian outback except that Adam + black Mad Max leather clothes = <3

Title: Knocked Up
Author: pyrosgf
Artist: youkeyh
Type: Fic follows the timeline of real life, but goes AU around the time Adam discovers he’s pregnant. Mpreg.
Word Count: 48658
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Lambliff, Dia, Leila, OFC Dani, OMC Dr. David Harris, mentions of Adam/Sauli to cover up his relationship with Tommy.
Warnings: Barebacking, mpreg with graphic birth scene, allusions to an eating disorder
Summary: This is a tale of magic, The Fates, and the universe aligning. The product of such an event was unexpected and left Adam and Tommy’s heads spinning. Adam’s pregnant, but how? What events led to Adam’s ability to have children? How does he handle his pregnancy? And the big question, how is he going to give birth? I will answer all those questions, but you don’t know who I am yet, do you? Would you like to know the sordid tale? Come on in and get comfy. I love a good story, even more so when it’s true.

Title: I won't let you go
Author: kittys_devil
Artist: glambini
Type: romance, HS AU jail!fic
Word Count: ~22,000
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, mention of past Adam/OMC, Tommy/OMC. Tommy/OFC
Warnings: violence, strong language
Summary: Tommy has had a crappy life, shipped from one parent to another. When his grandma gets involved things go from bad to worse until he finds himself in juvy. He is there to do his time and get out, he never planned on Adam showing up and changing everything.

Title: Tapestry in Black and Blue
Author: TommyGlitter
Artist: Glambini
Type: 3rd Person POV, Fiction
Word Count: Total ~30,000
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Tommy/Sutan, Tommy/Adam
Warnings: Angst, Sex, Drugs, Attempted Non/Con, Memories of a Past Rape and Language
Summary: This is a story of the blends of good and bad that happen in a person’s life. In this case, the person is Tommy. He is surrounded by both good friends and bad as he tries to forget an unrequited love.

Title: Something Deeper
Type: slash
Word Count: 52,019
Rating: NC-17 (but tastefully, if that makes sense)
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Warnings: Serious injury(non-life threatening, this isn't a tragedy!fic)
Summary:When an accident on stage leaves Tommy suffering from retrograde amnesia, he wakes up with no memory of the last two years of his life. He has no memory of being on tour, no memory of being famous, doesn't know any of his bandmates...and has no memory of being engaged to marry Adam on Halloween. With no guarantee of his memory returning, Tommy returns to his life as normal with hopes that going about his normal routines, as guided by Adam, will help him regain his memory. Adam, though upset by Tommy's memory loss, is just happy that Tommy is alive. With the wedding date looming ever closer, will Tommy's memory return before Adam gives up and cancels the wedding, or will every moment they've shared together be lost forever?


Title: Chained to You
Author: toobusy2write
Artist: qafmaniac
Beta(s): shinyredrain & aislinntlc
Type: AU, Alpha/Beta, Vampire/Werewolf, Action, Romance
Word Count: 10k
Rating: NC17 overall
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Content/Warnings/Enticements: D/s themes, power dynamics, power play, bloodplay, rough sex (these are vampires and werewolves we're talking about), violence, torture (most of the actual torture happens off-screen, but there is some that happens onscreen), minor character death
Setting: In this world, supernatural beings don't hide themselves and never have.
Summary: Adam and Tommy are sworn enemies by nature, but when a threat arises that endangers vampires and werewolves alike, they must unite to defeat a common enemy.

Title: (Room for) One More Troubled Soul
Author: Leela (leela_cat)
Artist: glamhalo (glamnation)
Beta(s): Minxie, Eeyore9990, toobusy2write, batdina
Type: Mystery, drama, hurt/comfort
Word Count: 25,606
Rating: Mature (for violence)
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Kidnapping, Original character death (offscreen), Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Stalking, Mild Physical and Psychological Trauma (Detailed trigger warnings available in end-notes of AO3 post)
Summary: Adam's hand is trembling so much when he tears into the envelope that he cuts his finger on the sharp edge of the flap. That tiny pain, the drop of blood soaking into the paper is forgotten though, when a pair of objects drop into the palm of his hand. Tommy's lucky pick. The one he keeps in his pocket and never gives away to fans. The one he barely ever uses except when he feels he needs it. It's broken now. Split almost exactly down the middle.

Title: Just You and Me
Author: Ranmaru (ranmaru_fics)
Artist: michira_70
Rating: NC-17
Betas: tuke18, boosbraid, and aislinntlc
Word Count: 43,221
Summary: When Adam calls Tommy in a panic while babysitting his nephew Conrad, Tommy has no idea how much his life is going to change as a result of running to the rescue...or has it really changed at all?

Title: Like a Ghost of the Past
Author: arianne_maya
Artist: wynkat1313
Beta(s): leela_cat
Type: Alternate universe, romance, GNT era
Word Count: ~42600 words
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Ashley, Brian, Isaac, Danielle, various friends and family members
Content/Warnings/Enticements: D/s relationship, BDSM, flogging, canon character death (Tommy’s father), curse-induced amnesia
Summary: Adam had stared at his cell for long seconds. Or minutes, maybe. He isn’t sure. Then he finally looked at Tommy and he said, “You won’t even remember me, Tommy.” Tommy had kissed him, soft and sweet. “Don’t be silly. How could I forget you?”

Title: Reclaim and Renew
Author: thrace_adams
Artist: qafmaniac
Beta(s): GlambertUK71
Type: Hurt/Comfort, PWP
Word Count: 29,451
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Adam's a vamp so there is bloodplay and blood drinking
Summary: After the events of Betrayal and Sacrifice, Adam and Tommy need to take some time for themselves. They need to connect, renew their relationship and reclaim their bond. They take two weeks and head to Colorado to a B&B owned by Danielle for some much needed R&R.

Title: Dreamcatcher
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff , Tommy/OMC's
Fandom: RPS, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff
Beta: casey270
Rating: NC-17
Word count:12k
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story, and as far as I’m aware, this never happened.
Warning: Swearing, voyeurism, sex clubs, exploring sexuality, bi-curious characters, sex, flogging, drug use, drinking,
Summary: Adam has a new label and a new album, which means a new tour. Tommy can't wait to go on tour again, but in his down time before the tour something happens that sparks Tommy's long buried curiosity. Tommy finds a new world, but he's not ready to share it with all his friends, and Adam can tell that Tommy is keeping a secret. Adam is determined to find out, but what will happen if he does?

Cover art by va_bites for Events and Horizons

Title: Events and Horizons
Author: casey270
Artist: va_bites
Beta(s): snowstormskies
Type: Non-zombie, zombie-type post apocalyptic AU
Word Count: 34,700
Rating: Explicit
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Not quite zombies means there's blood and gore all over this. Minor character death
Summary: In a world turned upside down by man made changes, Adam and Tommy have to fight their way through government and corporate plans as well as non-zombies in order to find a life worth living

Title: Home is where the heart is
Author: jamie2109
Artist: writinchica2k
Beta(s): psychosm1212
Word Count: ~23.5k
Rating: R (for language)
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Nope.
Summary: Twenty years later, a bit of tell-all interview.

Title: There's Nothing On Our Side
Author: glitterwriter
Artist: rhiannanb2
Beta(s): rhiannanb2
Type: Romance, Slash, Angst/Comfort
Word Count: about 22k
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, past Tommy/OMC (Aiden), Sutan, Brad, Lisa, OMC (Aiden)
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Minor character death (murder - off screen)
Summary: AU. “I know I should be happy about what we had; still, I can’t feel anything but regret about what we couldn’t have. I can’t stop thinking what could have been, and I can’t stop hating the universe for taking that away from me. Maybe if it had come to a natural end, I would feel how great it was. Maybe I would be just grateful. But it was taken away from me. HE was taken away from me. I can’t call my love story a great one, because it was not finished.”

Tommy’s boyfriend Aiden had been murdered, and for a long time Tommy was the main suspect. Finally the truth about Aiden’s death was revealed, and Tommy left the jail as an innocent man, ready to try a life without his lover. He meets Adam in a bar, and they hook up. What was meant to be just hot sex develops into something serious when Tommy accidently finds a new job and a new home close to Adam. Their passion for music pulls them together, and Tommy eventually opens up enough to tell Adam his story.

Title: Backstage
Author: iantosdreamer46
Artist: qafmaniac
Beta: zazajb
Type: Romance/Hurt
Word Count: Total for fic 60,092
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Tommy/OFC, Adam/Tommy, Cam, Isaac, Brad, Monte
Content/Warnings: Sexual content, hurt, language
Summary: Tommy plays in a band but has to find a job when he leaves his girlfriend. He goes to work as a guitar teacher at the university where he meets the Head of the Performing Arts Department. A tall dark haired Adam Lambert.

Title: It's Just Some Little Thing
Author: glitterwriter
Artist: adobejunkie
Beta(s): beniblue
Type: Romance, Slash
Word Count: about 14k
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Isaac, Eber, Brad
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Minor character death (car accident)
Summary: AU: college/university: Tommy is a computer geek, starting his college at the NYU. His career is everything that matters for him. He lost his faith in love when his first love died in a car accident. Adam is the gay Casanova. He gets every boy he wants and he wants all the cute boys. He doesn’t care about having a relationship, he just wants to enjoy his time at the NYU. When Tommy and Adam met at a party, the attraction is mutual, but Tommy rejects Adam despite the attraction between them. In a weak moment, Tommy and Adam spent a night together. It is supposed to be a one night stand, but the impact changes their both lives for good.

Title: Smoldering Embers
Author: valress
Artist: adobejunkie
Beta(s): aislinntlc
Type: friends to lovers(I think), Chicago Fire/Teen Wolf Crossover
Word Count: 12,739
Rating: NC-17(because of the first scene XD)
Characters/Pairings: Adam/Tommy, Derek/Tommy, Derek/Stiles, Erica/Boyd, Danny/Isaac, Jackson/Lydia, Greenberg/Finstock
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Firefighter AU, Firefighter Adam, EMT Tommy, Boys in dresses, Boys in dresses saving children, friends in love, oblivious boys, dangerous situations, Hurt! Adam
Summary: Fires, car accidents, explosions, rescuing children while dressed as a Disney Princess? It’s all in a days work for EMT Tommy Ratliff. He can deal with blood, guts, death and fire, but telling Adam he’s in love with him? He freezes up and will bolt in the opposite direction. Since the first day on the job, Tommy has been ass over badge for the Lieutenant. It also doesn’t help that every time Tommy finally decides to do it, Adam is seeing someone. Until one accident, moment in time and he thinks he’s lost the chance. It’s all he can do to stay together, to not lose it. Will he be too late to tell Adam? Will he lose the only person he has really ever loved to the one thing they can’t control?

Title: Elizabeth
Author: darkprincess333
Artist: creativmind1281
Beta(s): qafaddiction
Type: Slash/Romance
Word Count: 63432
Rating: GA
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff (post: Adam/Sauli, Tommy/Liz), other characters (Adam and Tommy families memers, band members, and few of mine original characters)
Content/Warnings/Enticements: Angst, pretty boys love
Summary: Adam is preparing for one of the biggest roles of his life: the role of father. He is almost ready to sign adoption papers for his baby girl. The only thing left to do is introduce his fiancé to the social worker, and to the little girl´s mother, who wants a loving couple to raise her child. There is only one problem; Adam doesn´t have a fiancé… at least, not anymore. Now he faces the very real possibility of losing the baby. After finding Adam despondent one afternoon, Tommy decides to help his best friend. He devises a plan for them to fake a romantic relationship and pretend to be the perfect loving couple. What happens when Tommy starts to realize he sees Adam as more than a friend? Given the risks, will their families and friends be willing to help them and support them? And, in the end, will Adam get the role of his life?