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Name: Elizabeth Bennet
Location: Pemberley
Status: married
Relationships: Fitzwilliam Darcy (husband)
Jane, Mary, Kitty & Lydia (sisters), Mr & Mrs Bennet (parents), William Collins (cousin), Mr & Mrs Gardiner (uncle & aunt), Charlotte Lucas (friend)
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice
Other: Over the years notably played by Greer Garson, Curigwen Lewis, Madge Evans, Elizabeth Garvie, Jennifer Ehle, Keira Knightley, Ashley Clements and many more.
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Elizabeth Bennet is the female lead in Pride and Prejudice.


Representing the 'prejudice' aspect of the title, Elizabeth overhears Darcy snub her on first meeting and forms a passionate dislike for him, fuelled by his callous behaviour towards her sister and her boyfriend. She rejects one of the worst proposals in the history of literature, only to fall in love with him when she sees how grand his estate is realises he was Tragically Misunderstood all along.

She is twenty, the second of five daughters, and has particularly close relationships with her elder sister, Jane, her father, her aunt & uncle, Mr & Mrs Gardiner, and her older friend, Charlotte Lucas. Her family call her Lizzy; friends call her Eliza.


Austen called her as delightful a character as ever appeared in print[1] and fans seem to agree: Elizabeth is one of the more popular female characters in literature.

Common Pairings

Elizabeth/Darcy is by far the dominant pairing, though occasional stories include past relationships with other characters. There's no clear secondary partner, with other partners including Colonel Fitzwilliam, George Wickham, William Collins & Charles Bingley in het and Charlotte Lucas in femslash.


Fanon makes Elizabeth dark-haired & voluptuous in appearance; nothing is known of her colouring from the novel other than that she has dark eyes and tans, while her figure is 'light'. In personality, fanon-Elizabeth is often book-Elizabeth but more so, for example more lively than would be tolerated in polite Regency society. She is often portrayed as a skilled pianist; in the novel, Mary is more technically proficient, though Elizabeth has superior taste. The difference in class and income between Elizabeth's family and Darcy is sometimes exaggerated.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

Elizabeth is almost ubiquitous in P&P fanfiction and so the tropes in Elizabeth-centric stories are similar to those found in P&P fanfiction overall (see that article). In canon-divergent AUs, she is sometimes posited to be an illegitimate or lost offspring of the Darcy or de Bourgh families. The death of Mr Bennet, either before canon or early during the novel, is often a precipitating event for her entering an arranged marriage with Darcy, usually to stave off her family's poverty. Aside from the usual Regency mishaps, rape by Wickham is a cause for her entering into a forced marriage with Darcy. Moderns often make her artistic or musical.

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