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Name: Jan H[1]
Alias(es): Clea2011
Type: fan writer, zine editor
Fandoms: seaQuest DSV, Merlin, Primeval, others
Other: User:Clea2011 on Fanlore
URL: clea2011 at LiveJournal
Clea2011 at AO3
Clea2011 on Twitter
clea2011 on Tumblr
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Jan H produced a number of multimedia and seaQuest DSV zines under Deep Dark Press and Shatterzine. Also co-ran the short-lived Sledge! Hammer British fan club. She is still active in fandom and is known online under the name Clea2011.

Notable Works


  1. ^ Comment by User:Clea2011, 23:51, 7 February 2017: "Please, if editing pages here for her older works, either use Jan H or preferably Clea2011. For any references to writers in her zines, please only use the first name and first initial of the surname. Thank you :-)"