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Name: ellaine
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Star Wars, J.R.R. Tolkien, Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher, Pride and Prejudice etc.
URL: http://viridarium.eu/ (art site)
ellaine at DeviantArt
ellaine at society6
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ellaine is a Polish artist who has created fanart in Supernatural, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other fandoms.

Most of her artwork are pencil sketches scanned and coloured in Corel Painter, with final touches added with Photoshop.[1]

Fanart Use Policy

ellaine's Terms of use and request (dated 2 March 2006) states:

Can I use your fanart?

Yes, you can use my fanart if you are an owner of a site that is about the book/movie/anime/manga/game/whatever. With proper credits (like the link to my Deviantart account and my name under it). If you need, you can change the size of the picture (but nothing else!).

And on a side note: I've got some mails from people who wanted to use my fanarts on their yaoi/slash sites. No, please, I appreciate the fact that you write me and tell me how much you like my art and stuff, it's really nice. If you like slash pairings form certain book/game/anime, it's fine, but please don't get me and my art involved in it, since I'm not a fan of it and I don't even draw anything like that. So, no yaoi/slash sites, please.[2]

ellaine has requested her art not be used for blog layouts, avatars, or any other instance where her art is cropped or edited. She also asks that gift art and art of her original characters not be used.

Sample Work


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