A Singular Proposition

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Title: A Singular Proposition
Author(s): Tanya (SabineGriffin)
Date(s): 2003
Length: 189,000 words
Genre: het, alternate universe, angst, fusion
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
External Links: Mrs Darcy

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A Singular Proposition is a Pride and Prejudice novel by Tanya, completed in 2003. Regarded as a fandom classic, it is an alternate universe that diverges from canon before the start of P&P.

The main point of divergence is Mr Bennet's death before the start of P&P; Charles Bingley also fails to lease Netherfield. At the opening of A Singular Proposition, Jane Bennet marries Mr Collins to support her destitute family; Fitzwilliam Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet meet at Rosings where Darcy, at Anne de Bourgh's urging, offers Elizabeth a position as governess cum companion to his sister, Georgiana: the "singular proposition" of the title. The plot thereafter very loosely pastiches Jane Eyre.

Elizabeth/Darcy is the main pairing; there are also strong roles for Georgiana, Anne, Jane, Bingley and Colonel Fitzwilliam. Caroline Bingley, George Wickham, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, William Collins, Louisa Hurst, Mrs Reynolds and others also appear. Secondary pairings include Jane/Collins, Jane/Bingley, Anne/Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana/Wickham and Wickham/OFC.

It is archived at the Mrs. Darcy archive, as well as the Pemberley Library (subscription required). The author rating is R. The summary at Mrs. Darcy is: Tanya's "A Singular Proposition" is a Regency adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. A what-if in which Darcy doesn't offer to Elizabeth upon their meeting in Kent, but where there's a turn of events resulting in a highly romantic, passionate, compelling tale you will adore.


A Singular Proposition was generally well received and is considered a fandom classic. The novel is recommended at Crack Van, The Fangirl Tour, Firthness, Multifandom Het Recs and elsewhere. Reviewers enjoyed the passionate & angsty plotline for the principals, and some particularly praised the novel's strong & unusual characterisations of Anne de Bourgh & Charles Bingley, as well as the friendship that develops between Elizabeth & Georgiana. The Brontë elements were also highlighted by some. A few reviewers criticised a lack of historical accuracy, with the characters' actions appearing too modern for the period.

Recs & Reviews

I'm thrilled to announce that Tanya has joined the site with her JA/FF classic "A Singular Proposition" It's a highly romantic, passionate, compelling Regency P&P 'what-if'. One of my all time favourites. (Renée)[1]
What if Darcy has a different kind of proposal all together? This is a What If story where the point of departure occurs before Darcy and Elizabeth meet. I adore the Bingley in this story. (Hafital)[2]
If you are in any way a P&P fan READ THIS NOW. It is possibly the BEST fanfiction I have EVER read, not just the best P&P one. HAWT, Angsty, Emotional, ye gods this put me through a ride. But DAMN was it worth it. My absolute favorite thus far. (vashka_kat in The Fangirl Tour)[3]
Almost and odd mixtuer of Bronte's Jane Eyre and Austin's P&P this story has Elizabeth playing the part of Georgies companion. A very enjoyable story much lighter than Bronte's incase it worries you all (No he dosen't end up blind crippled and out a home.) (greenheart8)[4]
This rec and the next couple are not personal favourites per se, but they are very well written examples of the typical crack of this fandom: Brotë-resque plots. The first example for today, kids, will be Elizabeth as a governess companion.

If you're a stickler for canon-ness (is that a word?) this probably isn't the fic for you, but if you can let that go, I can promise you will enjoy it. It is great fun while being at the same time a very strong reflection in the disparity of the gentlewomen's powerlessness when (almost) stripped of their social class.

I was deeply impressed the first time I read Emma at Jane Fairfax's comment about the governess' work: "(...) offices for the sale, not quite of human flesh, but of human intellect." That, if nothing else, relates Jane Austen with the Brontës, and puts this story in a good context. (hele in Crack Van)[5]
This regency era AU begins on the premise that Mr. Bennett died prematurely, forcing poor sweet Jane to marry Mr. Collins, much for Lizzy’s indignation. While Elizabeth visits her unhappy but ever so optimistic sister, she meets Darcy and the Colonel and Anne DeBourgh at Rosings, and finds herself in the position of accepting the offer to become Georgiana’s companion, despite having recently overheard Darcy insulting her during a conversation with his cousin Anne. Soon, Darcy becomes aware of a stubborn attraction to miss Bennett, to the point he seriously considers taking her as a mistress, while an oblivious Elizabeth discovers new, softer sides of her employer.

If this plot still has not won you over, you should take in account the wonderful friendship that blossoms between Georgiana and Elizabeth, an unique, unexpectedly cunning Anne DeBourgh, and a splendid Conceited-Darcy voice. And don’t fear for Jane, because she eventually gets her happy ending too.

I think this story might have benefited from a bit more historical accuracy, since, toward the end of the tale, its characters seem to display a bit too modern mindset, but everything’s so beautifully told that I can easily forgive this minor flaw. (skysamuelle at Multifandom Het Recs)[6]


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