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Name: Meryton Assembly / A Happy Assembly
Owner/Maintainer: Meryton Literary Society, Inc. (fannish non-profit)
Dates: September of 2006 - today
Type: Forums and static pages
Fandom: Jane Austen
URL: http://meryton.com/
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The Meryton Assembly currently encompasses a forum, A Happy Assembly or AHA, where it hosts discussion and fanworks, a static archive, The Meryton Reading Rooms, where it hosts completed fanfiction by the A Happy Assembly authors, and a link page, The Pemberley Library (PL), where it hosts downloadable fanfiction PDFs.

A Happy Assembly is a closed forum, which requires registration to read and post, and allows users to post R or MA stories, with the exceptions of "Bestiality, Pedophilia, Incest, Group Sex/Multiples, Rape Romance, S&M, or other hardcore fetishes".[1]

As of Jun 2012, the forum has 8,063 members, of which 223 are authors or intend to be (have filled out their Author Certification, a simple agreement of the rules required to post a story).[2]


The site was founded as a "story page" by CaseyC in September 2006. For a while she retained full posting powers despite inviting several authors, and then changed it to a forum in January 2007 because of the increased demand.

Meryton Literary Society, Inc. was founded in 2008 to fund and administer the site that had grown around AHA.[3]


The site and the organisation were founded around Jane Austen fanfiction. This is generally Pride and Prejudice het fanfic with an Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy pairing.

Nonetheless, the site allows fiction from any of the Jane Austen novels, slash and femslash,[4] original fiction,[5] and fanfiction of other non-Jane Austen works, provided the canon's author tolerates the existence of fanfiction of their work,[6] and fanart.


... the most extensive collection of Jane Austen Fan Fiction is at A Happy Assembly. www.meryton.com/index.php?

It is an adult mainstream site, and requires registration to verify members are over 18. In 2013 alone there were 54 new stories started (this would typically be novel-length stories posted chapter-by-chapter, usually once or twice a week) as well as 136 short stories, many by first-time writers testing out the waters in this very supportive environment. Out of the serially-posted novel-length stories, usually half a dozen end up being published each year. There are also over 500 stories in the Completed Stories forum. Headers on the stories tell if they are modern or Regency, which novel, rating, any warnings, etc.

In addition, there are forums where readers and writers discuss such things as historical details, canon, books and movies, and social topics.

Active members are very serious about their Austen, so you tend to see a high quality product. Some of the unpublished fiction on this site exceeds quality of many published JAFF books, including those by some members of certain well-known exclusive author clubs. (Suzan Lauder)[7]


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