Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas

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Pairing: Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas
Alternative name(s): Mike/Kevin, Kevin/Carden, Skippy
Gender category: m/m slash
Fandom: The Academy Is... (Bandom) / Jonas Brothers
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
Archives: So Damn Skippy
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Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas is a crossover real-person fiction pairing involving The Academy Is... guitarist Mike Carden and the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin.

It is often considered a crack pairing, since the two are not known to have ever met or interacted in real life.


The first Mike/Kevin story was Adsorption by SkoosiePants, set in her Supersaturation Verse (a Space AU crossover with Stargate Atlantis) and published in February 2009. As the pairing gained popularity, she wrote:

I still don't know how Mike/Kevin happened exactly, but it started in SPACE, which is only appropriate, right? [...] I wanted a badass to balance out Kevin's ridiculousness and Mike just happened to fit the bill :)[1]

The Mike/Kevin pairing also appeared in the background of the next Supersaturation 'verse story, Saponification, published in March 2009. In April 2009, SkoosiePants wrote Dancing Without Warning, the first non-AU Mike/Kevin fic, and—according to SkoosiePants—"the fic that started the Skippy rage".[2]

In July 2009, SkoosiePants and starflowers (a.k.a. Cinnamon) started the So Damn Skippy community for the ship. "Skippy" was a nickname Mike used for Kevin in Adsorption, and it became a name for the pairing.

The So Damn Skippy community keeps a masterlist of all Kevin/Mike fics, which contains over 200 stories as of its last update in September 2012. As of April 2014, there are 242 fanworks tagged Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas on AO3, where it is by far the most common pairing for each character.[3]

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