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Journal Community
Name: So Damn Skippy
Date(s): 12 July 2009 - present
Moderator: skoosiepants, starflowers, akire_yta, sparrowsverse
Founder: skoosiepants & starflowers
Type: Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas fanworks & discussion
Fandom: The Academy Is... (Bandom) / Jonas Brothers
URL: sodamnskippy at LiveJournal

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So Damn Skippy is a LiveJournal community dedicated to the Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas pairing. Its tagline is "Their Love Is So Classic".

The community's description reads:

"This is a community created for lovers of Mike Carden and Kevin Jonas, specifically together, in the same general space, making out, flirting, dating, etc. Fanfics and fanarts are all welcome, and if you can find any relevant photos, more power to you! This is a most unlikely OTP, and we love it."


The community was founded in July 2009 by SkoosiePants and starflowers (a.k.a. Cinnamon).


Christmas Fic Exchange

Main article: So Damn Skippy Christmas Fic Exchange

Skippy Little Bang

A big bang-inspired challenge with a 10,000 word minimum and fanmixes made to accompany the stories.

  • 2011 Skippy Little Bang -- 7 stories and 14 fanmixes created (info)
  • 2012 Skippy Little Bang -- 6 stories and 9 fanmixes created (info)
  • 2013 Skippy Little Bang -- 2 stories and 4 fanmixes created (info)

Sign-ups for the 2014 Skippy Little Bang are open until June 13th for writers[1] and June 15th for fanmixers.[2] Information and a timeline for the 2014 SLB can be found here.

Valentine's Day Challenges

  • Least Romantic V-Day 2010 -- 3 stories and 2 pieces of art (info)
  • Romantic V-Day 2012 -- 11 stories created (info / round-up)
  • Valentine's Day Challenge 2013 -- 1 story created (info / round-up)

Other Challenges


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