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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Jonas Brothers
Scope/Focus: members of the Jonas Brothers and associated individuals
Date(s): 2005-2013, 2019-present
See also: Disney RPF, Bandom
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The Jonas Brothers are an American band consisting of three brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. The band started in 2005, releasing their debut album "It's About Time" on Columbia Records before subsequently getting dropped and later picked up by Hollywood Records, the Disney owned label. The brothers gained popularity through the Disney Channel, where they starred in the Disney Channel film Camp Rock and later their own TV series, titled JONAS. The band ended their contract with Disney in 2012, spending a year touring independently before announcing their breakup in October of 2013. The band reunited in 2019 and released an album with Republic Records. They are actively touring as of 2021.


The Jonas Brothers canon includes television and reality show appearances, personal testimony through news and magazine publications such as their Rolling Stone spreads,[1], teen magazine blurbs, and Joe's My Life as a Jonas Brother piece detailing the history of the band up until 2014 [2]. The brothers' albums play a huge role in canon, as their music often has an autobiographical background. Documentaries such as their Living The Dream mini series on the Disney Channel detailing their 2007 and 2009 tours, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience about their 2008 summer tour, and their 2019 concert film for the Happiness Begins tour as well as a documentary about the band titled Chasing Happiness also add to the canon. Primary interaction through Myspace and Youtube, and later Twitter and Instagram also allowed for a more intimate look at the band and aided in rounding out fictional interpretations of the brothers. It should be noted that things released post 2012 do not affect a majority of fan produced content, as most of the RPF was produced during the Disney era.



The brothers are commonly shipped in het pairings with other Disney RPF actors or musicians. For example, the most popular pairings both in fandom and with casual fans were the Nick Jonas/Miley Cyrus (Niley) ship, which was heavily publicized both in the media and by Nick and Miley themselves through their music and other avenues. The Camp Rock films popularized the Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato (Jemi) pairing as well, to the point where the pairing was more popular than their Camp Rock counterparts by a mile. Both of these pairings were at one point canon, though not endgame.

The brothers will also sometimes be shipped with other male Disney Channel actors and musicians, such as David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly Place, and occasionally with members of their backing band such as bassist Greg "Garbo" Garbowsky. They're frequently crossed-over with Bandom as well. One common Bandom/Jonas Brothers pairing is Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, popularized by SkoosiePants and the So Damn Skippy community. As of 2015 there is also sometimes a crossover with the Phandom with the Dan Howell/Nick Jonas pairing that stemmed from a running joke that Dan had a crush on Nick. [3]

Incest ships are incredibly popular, particularly Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas (Jick/Joick) or a Nick/Joe/Kevin OT3.

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Common Settings and Tropes

  • Friends to Lovers was popular across platforms, especially in the case of Joe/Demi, who were at the time publically "best friends" who did end up dating at one point. ,[4]
  • Incest of course was also a prevalent trope as aforementioned, with Nick/Joe being the most popular. These fics would also often have a Friends to Lovers element, except they were still siblings.
  • High School AUs were very popular partially on Youtube, often depicting the characters as teenagers in traditional schooling, though sometimes they would also be in the band at varying levels of fame.
  • Songfic was present both as a fic itself, using the format of writing the story in between lyrics, or as part of a longer multi chap.
  • First Time and Virgin!fic were heavily dominant in all areas of the fandom, as the Jonas Brothers were openly vocal about their own purity rings and Christian faith during their time with Disney. Because of this, PWPs often depicted exclusively oral sex, and penetrative m/f sex would sometimes lead to accidental Pregnancy fic.

Platform Differences

Fic content seems to vary to some degree by platform, potentially due to the user bases of said platforms such as Livejournal appealing to fans who had their sea legs in fandom already verses young first-timers on Youtube engaging in Video Fanfiction. For example, of the 43 works in the Jonas Brothers Big Bang Livejournal, 22 were for Nick/Joe or some variation of their names. Other popular pairings featured Joe/Demi with 8/43 fics in the community, and 5/43 were Nick/Miley.[5] This is a significant contrast to Youtube, where content was heavily dominated by het fics involving Joe/Demi, Nick/Miley, or Nick/Selena. Jonas Brothers Fanfiction Archive initially hosted incestuous and explicit fics, but stopped as per a cease and desist allowing the site to continue without a copyright lawsuit provided they removed all incest and explicit content.[6] The site transitioned to primarily hosting canon het pairings and self insert or fic with an OFC paired with a brother.

Fan Videos

Vidding was very popular, sometimes making edits of the Jonas Brothers's vlogs they regularly posted to their Youtube channel then called JonasBrothersMusic. Mostly, fanvideos were ship based, especially with the het canon pairings that were prominent in vidfics like Joe/Demi. Often comedy edits or mashups of movie trailers and clips of the Jonas Brothers and others in their circles were put together, such as The Hangover or Juno.






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