Jonas Brothers

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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Jonas Brothers
Scope/Focus: members of the Jonas Brothers and associated individuals
Date(s): 2005-2013
See also: Disney RPF, Bandom
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The Jonas Brothers is an American band consisting of three brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. The band gained popularity through the Disney Channel, where they starred in the Disney Channel film Camp Rock and later their own TV series, titled JONAS.


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The brothers are commonly shipped in het pairings with other Disney RPF actors or musicians. For example, the Camp Rock films popularized the Demi Lovato/Joe Jonas pairing. Incest ships are also popular, particularly Nick/Joe or an OT3.

The band is also frequently crossed-over with Bandom. One common Bandom/Jonas Brothers pairing is Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, popularized by SkoosiePants and the So Damn Skippy community.

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