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Synonyms: ff, fanfic vid, vidfic
See also: Vid, Story Vid, Fic Trailer
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Video fanfiction is fanfiction that's been delivered in video form. It shares many similarities with traditional text fanfiction, often following the same tropes and archetypes that are present and are similarly split into parts that resemble chapters or are one-shot videos. However, vidfics are still vastly different from traditional fanfiction due to the different natures of the mediums they use. Traditional fanfiction heavily uses prose to deliver action, while a vidfic will primarily be composed of dialogue with any character actions or physical movements taken typically being conveyed through static clips or with brief action descriptions similar to stage directions in a play.

Video fanfiction is not to be confused with story vid though they are both primarily visual in nature that tell an original story. However, story vids typically use video clips to convey a story with a minimal usage of text, while vidfics typically use entirely static images and have a heavy reliance in text, in combination with its visual images, in order to communicate its story. The images in video fanfiction are often manips that fit the story.

These are often made like a highly advanced Slideshow where character dialogue appears over or next to a static picture to show who's talking, but there are other variations on this theme such as the text message story. Kpop fandom often uses a style that resembles Visual novels in their video fanfiction and tends to refer to these as "FF," for "fanfiction." Typically, vidfics are also accompanied with background music or even sound effects in order to help engage the audience more and assist in delivering emotional moments and setting the mood.

The usage of copyrighted music and images has often led to vidfics being removed from YouTube and other platforms for copyright infringement.

Video Fanfiction has had a presence in fandom for years and is primarily based on YouTube, but its terminology is not widespread and many fandoms have different words for the same concept. In certain anime fandoms video fanfiction were frequently referred to as "movies." And in other fandoms they are referred to as simply fanfiction.

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