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Synonyms: Storyvid
See also: Constructed Reality, Vidding, fan film
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Story Vids are vids that have an obvious narrative. It was a vid category in the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards.

The Creative Junkyard Awards describe the category Storyvid as a "creative piece that does not fall into the trailer or music video categories but rather somewhere in between, using dialogue, text and/or multiple music tracks to tell a unique story or give an in-depth recap."[1]


  • I'd Come For You by sparksflyout (Merlin) - Merlin's magic is discovered. Choices are made. Wrath is incurred. But love -and magic- wins out in the end.
  • There Are Legends by ras_elased (Merlin) - The legends say that Arthur died, and he waits in Avalon to be reborn. The legends say that Merlin is immortal, and he lives on, waiting for his king. But what if the legends are wrong?
  • This Night by Chayiana (Merlin) - Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur.


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