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Title: This Night
Creator: Chayiana
Date: 08 July 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:29 min
Music: Destiny of Mankind by Two Steps From Hell (part of) & This Night by Black Lab
Genre: gen, reveal!vid, story vid, angst
Fandom: Merlin
URL: This Night (LiveJournal)
This Night.png

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This Night is a magic reveal vid by Chayiana. The vid won round 46 of the Driver Picks The Music Vidding Awards in the category Best Storyteller.[1]

Recs and Reviews

  • "AU vid. Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur. Exceptional editing makes this a real standout. When it ended, I was actually surprised (got lost in the story) and sorry there wasn't more."[2]
  • "Constructed narrative. The concept is simple but very powerful, and the story is constructed with amazing clarity and emotional power. I also loved the subtle musicality throughout.[3]
  • "That was fantastic!!!! The way you manipulated those scenes, particularly the one of Merlin revealing himself and Arthur's reaction... wow! It's like that actually happened! Very, very believable AU, and not just because of the scenes, but the story! They were completely in character! And that's not even mentioning the music choices, which were absolutely SPOT ON!"[4]


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