Arthur Finds Out

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You may be looking for the multifandom trope, Revelation stories.

Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Arthur discovers Merlin's magic, magic reveal, reveal fic
Related tropes/genresArthur Knows, Finding Out
See alsoWinter in Camelot, Arthur Conquers Ealdor, Modern Royal Family AU
Summary of Most Magic Reveal Fanfics, by perplexingly (2012)
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Arthur Finds Out is a popular genre in Merlin fandom that explores what might happen once Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic.

Finding Out is a category in the Merlin Slash Awards.

In canon Arthur finds out in the last episode of the series.



  • After Ealdor by finn1013 - There’s a fine line between good and evil, and Merlin wonders if he’s crossed it.
  • All I Want Is One More Chance To Show You by applesororanges - One morning, completely abruptly, Merlin realizes he needs to tell Arthur he's a sorcerer. Arthur/Merlin
  • Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance by mellacita - Merlin goes to retrieve his father's body and take it to Ealdor for a proper funeral. Arthur tails him and finds out everything.
  • Everything, Always by dreamdustmama - Arthur discovers Merlin's magic, but no matter how hard he tries he can't tell him that he knows - even when he starts having nightmares about Merlin's death.
  • The History of Two Conversations (On Paper) by takadainmate - Books are defaced. But it's all for a good cause. Really.
  • Magic At Dawn by mabonwitch - Merlin protects Arthur. Words: 950
  • The Mirror, The Sword and The Shield by Aelora - Loyalties and allegiances are tested, making Merlin question the lengths that Arthur will go to in order to protect him. Through daring escapes, attempted coups, and fierce battles, Merlin and Arthur discover that the twisting threads of fate are not easily understood, and that the webs they spin cannot be readily escaped.
  • Onfindan by astolat - Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after he found out.
  • Quick and Easy by Princess Alyra - Merlin had no idea what it was the prince intended to do. "Arthur, you're hurting me."
  • Safeguard by Solarcat; podfic by eosrose - While on campaign, Arthur resolves to protect Merlin from unwelcome advances.
  • To Be Known by sometimessophie; podfic by rhea314 - So this is what it felt like to be normal. Merlin opens his eyes to the cool, shining metal of Arthur's unsheathed blade. "Sorcerer," Arthur spits.
  • To You I Pledge by Beren - Merlin lays his life on the line to save Arthur yet again, only this time there are witnesses, lots of them. Only Arthur prevents him going to the headman's axe straight away, but Arthur alone cannot save him. That is up to both of them.
  • to the world that never let you be by flypaw - When Arthur notices the scars on Merlin, he sets off to find out why a servant of all people has such marks and discovers that Merlin might not be all that he seems.
  • Treason to Us by janne_d; podfic by thisissirius - Arthur finds out. And he does not react well.