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Name: janne_d
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Doctor Who, due South, Merlin, SGA, Torchwood
URL: janne_d (LiveJournal)
janne_d (AO3)
Fanfic Master List (LiveJournal)

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janne_d is a fan writer who is currently mostly active in Stargate Atlantis and Merlin fandom but has also written several due South stories and Doctor Who/Torchwood fic.


Notable stories in SGA fandom include:

  • A Dangerous Desire, or McKay Makes a Match (02/2007). Regency AU, 48,000 words. This McKay/Sheppard story was nominated for a Stargate Fan Award 2007. A Novel of Romance by a Lady. All Rodney McKay had thought he wanted was to be left alone with his theories and hypotheses. Being abducted and meeting the intriguing John Sheppard had put paid to that. Rodney understood his own desires rather better now, but society's laws and conventions opposed him and Sheppard was surely far out of his reach. Not to mention the complication of his mysterious abductor…


In Merlin fandom she has written several of the early and influential Merlin/Arthur stories.