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Name: Stargate Fan Awards (also known as the "Stargate SG1 Fan Fiction Awards" or the "SG-1 Awards")
Date(s): 2001-2008
Type: fanfiction and vids
Associated Community: moderated by Marla, Kelly
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis (added to the awards in 2005)
URL: Stargate Fan Awards - 2005 SG-1 family archives, Archived version

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The Stargate Fan Awards were a fan-run awards site honoring fan fiction authors and multimedia artists for their contributions to the Stargate community.

The awards were started in 2001, and became the largest annual awards event in the Stargate fandom. With only a few hundred nominations in 2001 to well over 2,500 entries in 2007, the awards site houses one of the largest link archives of Stargate fanworks, comprising almost 300 different categories. The last year awards were given was in 2008.

Award Categories

Categories are split into gen, ship, slash, femslash, multiples and multimedia (the latter for drawn and photobased fanart, vids, and websites), and then split into "character", "duet" and "team". There are a flexible number of subcategories (mostly genres for fanfic), depending on the number of nominations.[1]

From the award website:

"It began as a discussion on Gateway; Azpou (Mel) had just been nominated in the Golden O's and wanted to see a similar awards scheme for Stargate. Morgan agreed to try it if enough people would volunteer for the team. So it started out with a four member team, all femslash from Gateway; Morgan, Mel, Kangaruth, and Linsey (Indehed). They agreed early on that they wanted to cover the whole of the fandom, not just slash fic. This led them to invite Bev Woolf, whom Morgan knew from FFSupport, and Denise (from Gateworld) to join the team. The awards were launched in May 2001."

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