And None But We Can Be Such Kings

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Title: And None But We Can Be Such Kings
Author(s): janne_d
Date(s): 20 October 2008
Length: 8,700 words (story), 48:04 min (podfic)
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: And None But We Can Be Such Kings (Livejournal)
And None But We Can Be Such Kings (AO3)
And None But We Can Be Such Kings (Audiofic Archive)
Winner Best Romance

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And None But We Can Be Such Kings is a Merlin/Arthur slash story by janne_d (Word count: ~8,700). It was one of the first stories that really captured what fans saw in the Merlin/Arthur relationship.

Summary: Merlin really was the court idiot. Was this what the Dragon had meant by halves of a whole?

And none but we will be such kings.jpg

The story won Best Romance Fic in the Merlin/Arthur Fanfic Awards 2008 and was a runner-up in the categories Best Overall Fic and Best One-Shot. thisissirius made it into a podfic[1] and helva2260 created a cover for the story.[2] The design for the cover is based on a wall hanging that can be seen in the background of the image with "The Hat".

Recs and Reviews

  • "It's a particularly stressful week to be the crown Prince of Camelot. Merlin helps Arthur get through it, though some of his plans are more effective than others."[3]
  • "Merlin keeps Arthur sane while women are being thrown at him by Uther. Not literally. Though now I'd like to see a crack!fic about that."[4]
  • "Oh, what an incredibly satisfying fic. It just did everything right. I loved the scenes of increasing tension at the beginning building up so nicely to Arthur's decision to kiss Merlin. The sex was very nicely done, and their characters showed throughout - the teasing of each other, Merlin's insecurities, and then Arthur's. I think it's going to become fanon that Arthur has always known about Merlin's magic, but you made it just that bit more in suggesting that deep down Merlin had been trying not to hide it too much from Arthur."[5]
  • "I love how you had Arthur slowly decide to risk kissing Merlin because Merlin wants him to be happy. And Merlin would make him happy!"[6]
  • "Arthur is exhausted from his royal duties and Merlin finds a way to help him. [...] This is a lovely gentle story about Merlin taking care of Arthur with romance and sex as the ultimate reward. Read this when you want something soothing and romantic with a happy ending. There is an audio file for this fic."[7]


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