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Title: Safeguard
Author(s): Solarcat
Date(s): 28 January 2009: Safeguard
22 February 2009: Protector
15 March 2009: Providence
Length: 5,279 words, 42:45 min
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Safeguard (Livejournal)
Safeguard (AO3)
Safeguard series (podbook)
Safeguard 'verse (podbook)

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story by Solarcat, podbook by eosrose

Safeguard is a Merlin/Arthur series by Solarcat (5,279 words). The three stories in the series are Safeguard, Protector and Providence.

Summary: While on campaign, Arthur resolves to protect Merlin from unwelcome advances.[1]

Camelot is at war and the setting of the story is a military camp where Arthur and his knights prepare for battle. Some of the men look at Merlin with intent, which Merlin doesn't really notice, but Arthur does. Features protective!Arthur and in the last part Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic.

eosrose podficced the series, made a cover and turned it into a podbook.[1] The podfic is 42:45 min long and available at her website as individual files[1] or as a single audiobook.[2]


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