I'd Come For You

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Title: I'd Come For You
Creator: sparksflyout (aka apinae)
Date: 13 January 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:24 min
Music: I'd Come For You by Nickelback
Genre: slash vid, story vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: series 1 & 2, kissing manip
URL: I'd Come For You (LiveJournal)

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I'd Come For You is a Merlin/Arthur vid by sparksflyout (3:24 min). In discussions about vids it's often said that vids are a visual essay or an argument but they can also be a story. In Merlin fandom story vids are so common that they had their own category in the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards. I'd Come For You was the winner in the 'Best Story Vid' category and it also won 'Best Romance' and 'Best Editing'.

The YouTube version was disabled due to the music that was used[1] but the LJ post had more than 300 comments as of August 2010.

Summary: Merlin's magic is discovered. Choices are made. Wrath is incurred. But love -and magic- wins out in the end.

Sparksflyout wrote in her notes: "This isn't really AU, just HHY (Hasn't Happened Yet ;))."

The Story

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A witchfinder reveals Merlin as a sorcerer and the guards grab Merlin and drag him down to the dungeons. Arthur is shocked, doesn't know what to think or if he ever really knew Merlin. He orders the guards to bring Merlin to his room so that he can confront him about lying and being a sorcerer. Merlin pleads with him, asks his forgiveness, but Arthur is angry and hurt and doesn't want to hear any of it. This rejection breaks Merlin's heart. Arthur sends him back to prison where he awaits his execution. He is to be burned at the stake in the morning but Arthur can't stand the idea of seeing Merlin dead. He makes his decision and goes to the dungeons to help Merlin escape. Merlin doesn't want to leave him but he has no choice. Merlin is now safe, but Arthur isn't. He misses Merlin and questions everything he was told about the evils of magic because Merlin isn't evil, never was. Arthur realizes that all Merlin has ever done is use his magic to save Arthur! When Arthur defies his father he is accused of treason and imprisoned by Uther. Incarcerated in the dungeons, Arthur finally accepts his feelings for Merlin. There is so much between them that they never talked about and that makes so much sense now! Merlin feels through their bond that Arthur is in peril and hastens back to Camelot. He fights his way into the castle and frees Arthur. They kiss. Nothing can separate them now! They run to the throne room where they confront Uther together but Uther lets his knights draw their swords against Arthur. Merlin intervenes by conjuring up a storm and they defeat Uther. In the end, they are happy and together. It's the dawn of a new era.


cakehole_cat created more than 30 GIFs based on the vid and sparksflyout's vid manips.[2]


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