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Name: Nickelback
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Occupation: Band
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Nickelback is a Canadian rock band, known for their songs "How You Remind Me", "Rockstar" and "Photograph".

They became known for being widely hated[1], despite high album sales and concert tours, and became a meme on the internet. Fans of the band have had mixed responses to this, some understanding why some people don't like the band, to others saying that Nickelback did not deserve the derision that it got. One fan responded to a reddit post at r/music:

Well no matter what any Nickelback fan says here, they'll be met with derision, but I'll bite the bullet.

The reason I listen to Nickelback is because they deliver good old fashioned rock music. The lyrics may be straight forward but like Bon Jovi or Journey their lyrics hit home with people.

People always bash them for always sounding the same but this is a lazy critique that could be thrown at any band by someone who doesn't actually take the time to listen to them. Take the album 'Here And Now', what other band could pull off a piano ballad like 'Lullaby' and then go to a straight up metal song 'This Means War'.

Go see them live, not many bands sound as good them live and compared to all the shite thats on the radio nowadays, it baffles me that Nickelback gets all the hate.[2]

Others pointed out that Nickelback may have just been the a recent example of music lovers needing a someone to hate, a recurring trend:

I have no answer, but the reaction to Nickelback reminds me of earlier musical generations' hate objects such as Journey and the final version of Starship (no longer 'Jefferson').[3]

In recent years many people have come around on the band and they no longer receive the same level of vitriol as they used to, and have gained some new fans that were too young remember the bashing, "Several said they came to be fans via older family members" according to a NME article that interviewed several fans[4]

Photograph Meme

In their video for the song "Photograph" lead singer, Chad Kroeger, holds up a framed photograph, in the years following it became a meme to replace the original photograph with other images. It wasn't until 2015 that the most famous of these memes was created by YouTuber Euphemism for Magic, who edited a clip to make it sound like Kroeger was saying "look at this graph" and the image is replaced with an image of a bar graph.[5]


Nickelback has several songs that have been often used in vids like "How You Remind Me"[6][7], other popular vid songs are:

RPF fandom is virtually non-existent, although there are a few rare fics where fictional characters, like Sam and Dean Winchester, will meet the band.

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