Someday (Angel vid)

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Title: Someday
Creator: Wolfling
Date: Nov 2004
Format: WMV
Length: 3:35 minutes
Music: "Someday" by Nickelback
Fandom: Angel
URL: vidder's website

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Someday is an Angel Wesley/Angel fanvid by wolfling. The vid was nominated for a "Best Relationship" Nummy Treat award.

Vidder's notes: "My Wes/Angel tribute. This was supposed to be my Angel the Series tribute vid, but somewhere during the first section I realised that what I was really doing was an Angel/Wes tribute vid. Which would be my subconscious making it perfectly clear that I watched the show through a Wes/Angel filter as these are the clips that came to mind when I was doing a show tribute. I probably will be drawn back to make more vids with these characters and this pairiing, but this would be my definitive statement on it, I think. This is what I saw on the screen that made me fall in love with the characters individually and as a pairing. It also remains my favourite of all my vids."


  • "I have a big ol' huge-type love for Wes and Angel. Not even necessarily in a 'shippy, slashy sort of way. I'm just completely fascinated by their relationship. And this perfectly sums it up. The good times, the I-stole-your-kid times. All of it. Some of the clips are a little distracting with the big WB promo stuff on it, but overall it's a great video." ~ feedback at Buffy Verse Top 5 LJ community.
  • "I chose this vid to mark the end of Angel; it has scenes from the entire run of the show. Wolfling said in her post: "This is what I saw on the screen that made me fall in love with the characters individually and as a pairing." I'd say that sums up my reaction to the vid, and if you aren't concerned about spoilers, take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the key moments. This vid will also appeal to you non-slashers, so give it a try." ~ feedback at the crack van rec.
  • "Oh, it's a great vid - I've been meaning to fangirl your vids for a while anyway, and this reminded me -and the song choice is perfect. I whimpered a bit at "Someday, somehow, we're gonna make it all right, but not right now," because I think that's just become my summary of Wes/Angel." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "This is the first vid I've ever watched that's got me seriously close to feeling I could cry. Angel/Wesley - it was sometimes so much the heart of the show, and it's over, and this vid just demonstrates that and celebrates them and just makes me mourn the show and hate that it's ended all over again." ~feedback at the vid announcement.