Someday (Lost vid)

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Title: Someday
Creator: Rosemerry
Music: "Someday" by Nickelback
Fandom: Lost
Footage: first season spoilers
URL: OFFLINE, Vidder's LiveJournal

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Someday is a Lost vid by Rosemerry.


It was reviewed by Sol Se at the reel vidding community on December 29, 2006:

Overall impression: A good Kate and Sawyer video, with an excellent (if slightly over-used) song choice that fits both characters very well. Sometimes being driven solely by the lyrics and ignoring the music (beats, swells, etc.) caused the video to drag. Other times the music was used to great advantage. But overall, this video has a good understanding of Kate and Sawyer as characters and as a pairing. I liked the emotion and general tone of the video.

Titles: Stationary credits appear at the end as white text on black background. Simple, unobtrusive, and with all the necessary info. Nicely understated.

Music choice: Although Nickelback in general (and this song specifically) is well-used by now in any fandom, I thought the song choice worked well. The lead singer's voice and the general steady rock tone fit both Kate and Sawyer's characters nicely. The lyrics themselves hold a lot of regret and bitterness, but also an undercurrent of self-hatred that, again, works for both/either of these characters' voices. "Someday, somehow / I'm gonna make it all right but not right now / I know you're wondering when"

While overall I liked most of the lyric choices, I thought a few shots were a little too literal. For example, on "paper back novel," Kate picks up Sawyer's novel (1:12). I didn't think it was necessary to be that literal.

Narration, Tone and Movement: I believe the POV is mainly Sawyer, with the "you" being Kate, but it does seem to switch at times. Actually, for much of the video the "I" and "you" seem to be both Kate and Sawyer collectively. In some ways, this actually works quite well--since the general feeling of the video is that they're both the same. Both are damaged people with pasts who keep doing things they regret, but can't seem to stop. And although they want to "make it right," neither of them really believe they can be redeemed, so nothing ever changes--which is where the self-hatred comes in. So, in some regards the POV is a little ambiguous and messy, but in another sense it works brilliantly.

Internal movement within a scene is used well: Sawyer grabbing Kate's arm, running through the trees, etc. Some scenes seem to run a little long, or are not governed by the beats and swells of the music, while other times it is spot on.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: Simple & straightforward. The only transitions used are fades to black. There are a couple scene overlays, and no apparent effects or altered coloring that I noticed. Sometimes the fade to blacks work well with the music, and other times they seem to be used for no reason (for example at 0:40).

Specific vid & music notes: 0:00-0:14 - I LOVED the opening sequence: Quick shots of Sawyer and Kate, going in and out to black (an excellent use of the fade to black). Then Sawyer grabs Kate's arm & turns her around on "wind up like this." The entire sequence just flowed wonderfully. I also loved the faint overlay of Kate holding Sawyer back over top of Kate walking away to "signs that we missed."

0:55 - I really liked the lyrics "Well I'd hope that since we're here anyway / That we could end up saying / Things we've always needed to say" to the "I Never" scene by the fire. It really captures that moment in the episode, and how they were needing to confide & connect, but needed that layer of protection that a game provided. However, the viewer needs to be familiar with the source to really get it.

1:24 - Sawyer smiles and lowers his head to "someday I will." I just liked the movement with the word.

1:50-2:11 - Sawyer chases Kate through the jungle. This was one long, uninterrupted shot that worked perfectly. It's hard to make a long scene not only not be boring, but be very effective. They crash to the ground right on the crescendo beat. I love it!

2:47 - I liked how Sawyer swings the axe down on "right now"

2:51 - Kate slowly looks up in horrified realization to "you're the only one who knows that" - I just really liked this.

Final notes: While there were many parts of the video I loved, as I pointed out above, my main suggestion would be to follow the music more. And I don't mean the lyrics, but the music itself--the swells, the beats, the tempo changes. Often these seem to be ignored.

Overall, I liked the tone and feeling of the video. I think the vidder really seems to get these two characters--their bitterness, self-hatred, regret, but also their feeling of camaraderie and recognition that what they see in themselves, they also see in eachother. I think the line "How the hell'd we wind up like this?" sums them up perfectly. So, while the song might be a little over-used, I think it was a very good choice for the characters.