Because of You

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Title: Because of You
Creator: wolfling
Date: July 2006
Format: WMV
Length: 3:19 minutes
Music: Because of You by Nickelback
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: vid announcement

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Because of You is a Supernatural fanvid by wolfling. It was reviewed by deathisyourart on November 28, 2006 at the reel.

Vidder's Summary: "Now that you're bleeding, you stare at the ceiling and watch as it all fades away. The Winchester men are what they are because of what the demon has done to them."


  • "A high powered vid, focusing on the more violent things that the Winchesters do, and how they might not always be around but they are there for one another when it really matters. The vid drives through its 3:39 minute run time, but a convoluted POV structure doesn't allow the vid to flow well....I like the story that wolfling is trying to tell here -- it is slightly different than the standard SPN vid -- and many of the lyric and action connections, but I also feel that some closer attention should be paid to both POV structure and what the music (not the lyrics) is offering. "[1]
  • "Oh that was wonderful. I love how it took turns focusing on each of the Winchester boys and what they do for their family. They've all gone to such great lengths at various points in the season. A really eloquent video - great job! I also loved the song choice."[2]
  • "This is spectacular. Mostly because it has the tight, coherent structure of a beautiful story: it has a plot, different points of view, character depth, and a marvellous song to underline all that."[3]


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