i'd give it all for you

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Title: i'd give it all for you
Creator: Lozzeh13
Date: 20 June 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:41 min
Music: All the Way/4U by Poets of the Fall
Genre: Constructed Reality, Story Vid
Fandom: Merlin
URL: i'd give it all for you (YouTube)
I'd give it all for you.png

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i'd give it all for you is a Merlin/Arthur vid by Lozzeh13.

Story: "I think its pretty self explanatory but I'll give ya a quick synopsis. Basically Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur, but Uther overhears and captures him. He is brought before the King where he is sentenced to death, much to Arthur's dismay. As Merlin is locked in the dungeon Arthur pleads with his father for his release but Uther maintains that he will die in the morning. Cue emotional flashback sequence of Arthur remembering the times he had with Merlin (whom he may or may not love depending on your slashy persona XD ). Arthur snaps out of his trance to find Merlins execution in progress. He tries to escape but has been locked in and can hear Merlin screaming. He eventually breaks free, runs to the courtyard only to find he's too late. However at dinner one evening, a guard tells Uther that Merlin hasn't been found and has escaped. Arthur is in shock and Uther's pissed hehe! Arthur is then visited by a vision of Merlin, who gestures for him to leave the castle. Arthur rides for the woods and eventually hears something approaching him......it's Merlin!"[1]


  • "Just so you know, i watched this video about 5 times before i decided to comment, it's THAT good, had to let it sink in. You captured there relationship beautifuly, everything about this reminds me why i love them so much <3<3<3 god i wish they would really get together for real, i don't know any other couple with more chemistry on screen [...] thankyou for such a wonderful vid" (Amberisnotinvisible)
  • "This was such an amazing video. Love the effects you used. And the story being told along with that song (which I love *hearts*) just worked together so well. I was worried there would be a sad ending, but I'm grateful that didn't happen. Oh, Merlin and Arthur. *so much love*" (veritytonks)
  • "The story is so believable with how you positioned the clips, and the music is so haunting. So glad it was a happy ending, you had me worried there!" (livelife2thefullX)
  • "You know what? It shows how much talent you have that I understood the story perfectly without needing to read your description. There's not many who are that good, and this video was gorgeous <3" (TheDarknessoftheNigh)


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