Nature Boy

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Title: Nature Boy
Creator: nel_ani
Date: 01 November 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:51 min
Music: Nature Boy by Kerli
Genre: slash vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: Through 3x08
URL: Nature Boy (LiveJournal)
Nature Boy (YouTube)
Nature Boy.jpg

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Nature Boy is a Merlin/Arthur vid by nel_ani (2:51 min).

Summary: Arthur discovers that it's not really surprising that there's more to Merlin than meets the eye, AKA The Badass Merlin Vid.

The vidder says about it that "It started out as an "Arthur finds out" vid, but then I realized that there was already a whole bunch of those, and much better executed than my idea to boot, so it turned into an "Arthur finds out that Merlin kicks ASS" vid, and here we are."[1]


  • "Damn, I loved this, it was so awesome to watch scenes of Merlin kicking ass to such a perfectly ethereal yet dance-y music. Your editing gave the show a depth that gets ignored for sake of the whole 'family' aspect of it. I think this was said already, but it bears repeating: the clips you chose for "fools and kings" are EPIC. That shot alone would've made the entire vid and it's just a fraction of the entire awesome finished product."[2]
  • "I never realised this song could apply to Merlin, and using Kerli's version gives it a more fantastical element. Great selection of scenes - they suited the pace and lyrically. It wasn't overdone and successfully conveyed the relationship between the two characters. Absolutely love it."[3]
  • It's so lovely to see all of Merlin's bad-ass moments in one go, and I absolutely love the idea that Arthur found out way back with the griffin..."[4]


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