Arthur Conquers Ealdor

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Synonyms: Conquering Ealdor
See Also: Arthur Finds Out, Winter in Camelot, Modern Royal Family AU
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One canon era AU version of the first meeting between Merlin and Arthur is Arthur conquering Ealdor and claiming Merlin for his piece of the loot. In this version Merlin becomes Arthur's manservant too, but his duties include warming Arthur's bed.


  • Give In, Oh Sweet Surrender by inane_rational. 'Don't fight back. Just let them take what they want.' This is the first rule Merlin knew. Then Prince Arthur came to wage war on Cenred, and Merlin catches his eyes. He began to learn a new form of surrender.
  • Ius Primae Noctis by ifyouweremine. In the conquered village of Ealdor, Prince Arthur claims his Lord’s Right to a new bride’s virginity. Merlin convinces Arthur to have him instead. Written for kinkme_merlin. One rec summarizes the story: "Arthur conquers Ealdor, etc, etc, you know the drill."[1]
  • Spoils of War by casspeach. Written from a kinkme_merlin prompt: 'Uther periodically sends his knights to takeover bordering unprotected land. On one such outing, Arthur attacks Ealdor and claims Merlin for his piece of the loot.' Seperis describes it as "so Arthur conquers Ealdor and tries to do that entire ravishing thing. It's hot and adorable and funny. Arthur's a lousy attempted ravisher and Merlin's a terrible victim. It's like fate, even."[2]
  • To the Victor by novemberlite. In which Arthur's the victor, and Merlin's the spoils. right?


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