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Journal Community
Name: Kink Me, Merlin! An Anonymous Merlin Kink Meme
Date(s): founded March 26, 2009
Moderator: merlinkinkmeme, k_mouse, b_mouse, danger_mousey, j_mousey, f_mousey, slash_dragon, a_mousey, y_mouse, mouse_r, other anonymouse mods[1]
Founder: merlinkinkmeme (aka "mod")
Type: LiveJournal kink meme
Fandom: Merlin
URL: kinkme_merlin (LiveJournal)
KinkMe_Merlin (delicious)
kinkme_merlin (Pinboard)
Kink Me Merlin Fills (AO3 collection)
Community: kinkme_merlin (AO3 tag)
Fulfilled prompts by pairings (click on image to enlarge)

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kinkme_merlin is a kink meme for Merlin fandom and one of the main sources of Merlin fanfic. All prompts and most answering fics, art, and feedback are posted in anonymous comments.

Some authors later claim their works and post them on their own journals and websites. Some stories that started out on the kink meme are the award-winning At Our Best When It's From the Hips by derryere (MSA winner 'Best Angst'), the modern AU Ethics of Attraction by nagi_schwarz, or the prison AU Arcane Asylum by new_kate.

However, sometimes even very popular stories like the award-winning Until the Pieces Fit (MSA winner 'Best Kink') or the widely recced outside of Merlin fandom Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin stay anon. The author of Until the Pieces Fit replied to the many request to de-anon with an explanation of her decision which gives great insight into the reasons for and advantages of posting anonymously.[2]

Sometimes fills also include vids, like for example Dreamcatcher and Pokemon by Ayrotciv8.

Coding Mice of the Round Table by Anonymous (2010). For the prompt "Kink Me! Merlin coding mice. How would they look as actual mice discussing kinks?"[3]

Since it can be difficult to locate prompts and fics among many pages of collapsed comments, the kink meme mods (anonymous coding mice) archive everything at the community's Delicious account. In October 2011 the archive moved to Pinboard.[4]

A breakdown of the fulfilled prompts by pairings, based on numbers in March 2010, a year after the community's foundation, shows that the kink meme not only strongly favored the fandom's main pairing but also leaned much more towards slash and femslash than the rest of the fandom. There was almost no het activity although het pairings make up a strong part of the Merlin fandom. The three most common pairings on the kink meme were Merlin/Arthur, Bradley/Colin and Gwen/Morgana, followed by several smaller pairings.

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