What We Have (and What We Have Left)

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Title: What We Have (and What We Have Left)
Author(s): Morcalivan
Date(s): 04 September 2010
Length: 30,370 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Fic masterpost (LiveJournal, PDF)
Art masterpost (LiveJournal)
What We Have (and What We Have Left) (Ebook Library)
story cover by sandrainthesun

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What We Have (and What We Have Left) is a Merlin/Arthur canon AU by Morcalivan (30,370 words). It was written for Paperlegends, the Merlin Big Bang challenge in 2010, and is a response to the kinkme_merlin prompt, Merlin is raised by Nimueh and is sent to Camelot with the mission of seducing and killing Arthur. Unfortunately he gets side-tracked with kinky dub-con sex.[1] The author said in the story notes: "Sadly I failed to deliver on the dubcon (unless you squint really hard) or the kinky (unless your kink is liking it rough, and even then, only mildly so)."[2]

Summary: Camelot era/season 1 AU in which Merlin is raised by Nimueh and sent to Camelot to kill the prince. Merlin, unfortunately, is very bad at sticking to the plan.

sandrainthesun created a georgeous photo art cover and backcover for the story.

Recs and Reviews

  • "It's an AU in which Merlin [...] comes to Camelot as a magical ambassador. Let's just say, that changes the dynamics completely. Oh, and he tries to seduce Prince Arthur, rather clumsly at times. ;)"[3]
  • "I loved reading this, I have a weakness for alternate ways for Arthur and Merlin to meet up and then start their story as Prince and manservant. *g* Arthur knowing about Merlin from the beginning is so cool, and he actually cooked up a nice story so he could keep Merlin by his side. Way to go, Arthur! The sex scenes were hot! I love the dynamics here, and that there were chemistry between them from the beginning."[4]
  • "I loved morcalivan's take on Merlin, how angry he is over Uther's slaughters, how he truly believes that what he is doing is just- and then he actually meets his villains. And realizes that maybe things are less cut and dry than he was led to believe by Nimueh. This well-written and interesting, and although there is a fair amount of hand-wavy-ness along the way, highly enjoyable and a damn good read."[5]


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