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Name: Ayrotciv8
Type: vidder
Fandoms: Merlin, Criminal Minds
URL: Ayrotciv8 (YouTube channel)
ayrotciv (Livejournal)

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Ayrotciv8 is a YouTube vidder who has made more than 100 vids and vidlets, mostly in Merlin fandom.

Merlin Fanvids

Some examples are:

  • Burn & Drown (05/2010) - Merlin & Arthur, hurt/comfort.
  • Dreamcatcher (01/2010) - The vid is a fill for a kinkme_merlin prompt.[1] It was the winner of the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the category "Best Angst" and a runner-up in the category "Best Romance" (Merlin/Arthur).
  • Kingdom Dark (08/2010) - Merlin & Arthur, gen.
  • Pokemon (01/2010) - Arthur is a Pokémon Trainer and Merlin is his Pokémon. The vid is a fill for a kinkme_merlin prompt.[2]
  • Revealed (05/2010)
  • Superhero (02/2010) - Merlin would be an awesome James Bond.
  • Toi Plus Moi (12/2009) - A happy-making Colin-centric vid about the Merlin crew.
  • You're Going Far, Kid (06/2010) - Merlin is a BAMF and using his magic all the time to protect Arthur while lying to everyone, but Arthur is on to him.


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