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Name: Grimm
Creator: Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf
Date(s): October 28, 2011 - March 31, 2017
Medium: television series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: official website
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Grimm is an American fantasy-horror crime drama television series that began airing on NBC in 2011 and ended in 2017.

Canon Overview

The series covers the adventures of Portland P.D. detective Nick Burkhardt after his sudden discovery that he is a "Grimm" -- a descendant of the Grimm family tasked with killing supernatural creatures gone bad. He gains the ability to see such creatures/people (various species, known collectively as Wesen) for what they are when his mortally ill (librarian and BAMF) aunt Marie, who previously had the job, passes it on to him.

His P.D. partner and friend, detective Hank Griffin, is at first in the dark about Nick's extracurricular abilities and activities, just like Nick's capable, level-headed, but increasingly suspicious girlfriend, Juliette, but Nick bonds with a reformed "Blutbad" (werewolf), Eddie Monroe, who helps him deal with the Grimm lifestyle, and a Fuchsbau, Rosalee, who knows about Wesen medicine and has ties with the Wesen resistance against the most tyrannical Grimms, the Royal families. Nick's boss, Captain Renard (played by actor Sasha Roiz), knows much more than he lets on about Nick's secret life. Among his numerous acquaintances in the Wesen world is Adalind Schade, an attractive junior lawyer who descends from a family of Wesen with occult powers, and is much more dangerous than her innocent air would suggest.

Beginning just a couple of episodes before season 2, Hank Griffin and Juliette Silverton begin suspecting the unsettling things Nick hid from them, and each character is involved in a more complicated and increasingly dangerous situation. The protagonists and antagonists alike find themselves confronted with hard choices, and their true nature (including Renard's allegiances) are revealed.


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Fans have criticized and mocked the Google Translate-like quality of the show's Germanic phrases (the term used on TV Tropes to describe it is "Blind Idiot Translation").


The slash pairing Nick/Monroe rapidly gained traction, due to their constant teasing, strong friendship, and the secrecy surrounding it, while Nick/Renard was also abundantly shipped [1].

Monroe/Rosalee (an official pairing) and Nick/Adalind were the show's most popular het pairings at the end of season 1, and Adalind/Renard had a decent fanbase[2], despite the first being criticized for potentially getting in the way of the slash pairing (it turned out it didn't do anything to diminish the bromance) and jeopardizing opportunities for character development. Nick/Juliette, the official couple was barely shipped until the threats surrounding it were made clear [3]; but it has since grown more popular (it is finally quite so as of 2x03), becoming the most popular Juliette pairing since about 1x21. Adalind/Renard are much less shipped today due to being made canon on Adalind's part, and his manipulation being disliked by the fans[4]. Since the turmoil surrounding Nick and Juliette's relationship, there has been a recurrence of Nick/Adalind shipping [5], and many gifs were created by the tumblr fan community, fueled by their constant combativeness, Adalind's flirting, and Nick's somewhat baffled and ambiguous response to it. Similarly, Nick/Ariel (a one-sided attraction from the young woman in canon) was shipped more often after the official couple began having relationship problems. As of season 2, Juliette/Renard has a relatively large fanbase; but also a slightly larger number of detractors due to the special circumstances that made the pairing canon[6].


Fans have generally liked Nick since the beginning, seeing him as a competent, pragmatic and overall nice and confident character (a very unlikely personality for a dark cop show's hero)[7]. However, he was also described numerous times as "bland"[8] before he became more involved in Wesen-related cases, and really started befriending and protecting some of these Wesen against his instructions as a cop. His loss of control over his temper and personal life has also made him a much more complex character.

Monroe is probably the most beloved main character, with the fandom most frequently writing that he is "adorable", and quoting his sarcasm, his innuendos, and his courage and nerdiness as the most interesting aspects of the character[9]. In fan appeal, he is closely followed by Nick's superior, Renard, who is praised for being attractive, mysterious, unpredictable, and probably a noble person at heart [10], despite his possible villainy. With her introduction, recurring character Rosalee (who got upgraded to regular) got a lot of positive fan attention for being a clever, independent and good Wesen, and a capable fighter who knew about the Wesen world, and because she has an interesting backstory [11]. Her introduction increased the complexity of the dynamic of the show [12]. However, she is sometimes criticized for being too much like Monroe [13].

Hank, Juliette and Adalind have inspired the largest amount of fan grudge—respectively for not being involved in the main plots (at first), not being involved in all main plots and being primarily shown as Nick's girlfriend [14], and for being apparently shallow, sadistic and manipulative. Hank is today well-liked, though he does not get as much fandom attention as most main characters [15] ; and the discovery of Adalind's backstory and her impressively clever revenge plot have given her a sizable fanbase [16].

Side characters Ian Hammon, Bud The Fridge Repairman, Hap, and Valentina Espinosa also provoked fan following, by virtue of being a potential BAMF with a mission, very cute, very cute, and another potential BAMF with a mission respectively, as did Ariel Eberhart and Angelina Lasser, to a lesser degree, as alternative and somewhat villainous love interests for the protagonists who remained quite complex characters despite their limited roles).

Juliette and Renard have seen their status change, going from generally-ignored [17] and generally-beloved character [18] respectively, to fanbase-breakers. Both have had important fanbases and important hatedoms ever since their storylines collided. Juliette is praised for being independent and a compassionate person [19] as well as insulted copiously for being cold and distrustful to her boyfriend [20], and Renard's image is no more unambiguously positive [21].

Common Tropes and Fanon

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Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.





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