Fate Lines

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Title: Fate Lines
Author(s): Macx
Date(s): 09 March 2012 - 28 November 2012
Length: 178,723 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Grimm
External Links: Fate Lines (AO3)

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Fate Lines is a series of Nick/Renard stories by Macx. It consists of 8 parts that were posted between March and November 2012. The series starts with a scene from the first season episode "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau" (1x13) and takes off from there. Juliette doesn't exist in this universe. Although some later canon characters and events are included in the events of the series, it's very much a canon AU.

The series single-handedly established the fanon of Sean Renard being a Regnant, a rare and dragonlike Wesen who is the guardian of Portland.[1] His Wesen characteristics and his psychic bond with Nick Burkhardt, his Grimm and bondmate, have been frequently used by other authors, as they are more appealing in some contexts than Renard's half-Hexenbiest side, especially as his real Royal half hasn't made an appearance in canon so far.

The series also shows Nick building an extensive Wesen network who are all very protective of Nick and assist him with his cases. Together they deal with all the canon and OC enemies that threaten the main characters and help Nick and Renard ruling the Portland protectorate.

There is a lot of sex of the claiming, bonding and mating variety, which manages to stay fresh and interesting, and all the politics and danger are good for a nice amount of angst, hurt/comfort and setting up the next sex scene and bonding experience.


The Silent Sound of Loneliness (12,455 words).

Summary: The prompt went as follows: "When he saw the coins, he knew they'd give him the ability to charm his way back into full power, reporters and subordinates alike bent to his smile. Except for the one he wanted most.
He wanted Nick to submit to his charm, move to his control, but the coins didn't give him that, no matter how hard he tried.
But maybe Nick of his own free will, can give him what the coins wouldn't." (09 - 15 March 2012)

Risk Assessment (7,660 words).

Summary: One month into their new relationship Nicks finds that meeting one's family isn't always fun and games. Especially when it comes to older brothers... (01 - 05 April 2012)

First Do No Harm (41,544 words).

Summary: Nick runs into more trouble than he can handle on a case involving murder and possible kidnapping. How's that really news? (12 April - 27 May 2012)

The Only Thing That's Certain Is That Sometimes You Are Bound To Fall (37,579 words).

Summary: Nick is swamped in cases, an exhausting line-up of murders and deaths. And then a special case hits his desk, of someone he knows. It involves him more than he would have thought. (06 June - 22 July 2012)

Acclamation (2,376 words).

Summary: Just a little interlude. Renard musing on his never-expected relationship with Nick, how much the Grimm means to him... (18 August 2012)

Living Proof (29,014 words).

Summary: When his mother stepped back into his life, Nick knew he would have trouble explaining some aspects of it to her. Like being best friends with a blutbad. Like his network of wesen allies. Like... Sean Renard; his mate. (21 August - 20 September 2012)

Honesty (4,651 words).

Hank found out that his nightmares are actually real and that his goddaughter, like her father, his friend, is a wesen, a coyotl. It's tough to deal with that, especially since your partner claims he knew and can see them, too. (16 - 18 October 2012)

Contingency Theory (43,444 words).

Summary: Wesen are out for his blood. Well, more than usual. Nick has no idea what makes him such an attractive target, aside from being the local Grimm. But why now and why so suddenly? Soon Nick not only has assassins on his heels, but also a much, much bigger problem... (24 October - 28 November 2012)


  1. ^ However, the Regnant first makes an appearance in her Nick/Monroe story "Drifting in Shadows, Waiting for the Storm", which isn't set in the same universe and was published between 18 December 2011 and 10 January 2012.